7 Best Dirt Bike Helmets for Hot Weather

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I lived in Southern Utah for fourteen years, so I know what’s it’s like to be living life in a hot desert. The average temperatures in the Summer months are anywhere between 100-115 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8-46.1 degrees Celsius), but that doesn’t stop any true dirt bike riders from going out on the red dirt hills of my hometown. A major key to enjoying a ride in intense heat is the right kind of gear, especially for your head.

It can be a tricky business finding a helmet that will both protect your head and keep it cool in hot weather. But it’s not impossible. Here’s a list of excellent quality helmets with plenty of cooling and protective technology to keep your noggin safe and still enjoy your ride.

1.  Shoei VFX-W – EVO Helmet

Shoei is a Japanese company with high-quality products, including the VFX-W –EVO Helmet, which has some of the highest attributes for safety and comfort.

See the pricing for the current model, the Shoei VFX– EVO Helmet on Amazon here.


Well known for its awesome ventilation system, the Shoei VFX-W – EVO is highly praised for a reason. As part of a system working with the dual-density EPS liner, this helmet boasts strategically placed ventilation channels that allow air flow throughout your helmet.

How does it work? The channels are fed with air from vents at the front of the helmet, which allows the air to flow around your head and out through the exhaust vents in the back of the helmet. Essentially, the air takes any excess heat with it on its way out of the helmet.

The large eye port not only allows various sizes of goggles to protect your eyes but also allows some air flow on your face to help dry your sweat and deter it from dripping into your eyes.


There’s nothing more uncomfortable and irritating than having a super sweaty head while riding. While ventilation helps a lot with keeping you cool, the reality is that you’re head’s going to sweat. That’s where this helmet’s awesome inner lining comes into play.

The Shoei VFX-W – EVO has a fantastic system that goes above and beyond other lining materials for absorbing your sweat. This helmet uses 3D Max-Dryworks for its interior lining that is removable and washable. Besides being a great attribute for the overall protection for your head, this material absorbs and dissipates moisture twice as fast as traditional nylon.

Overall Protection:

The Shoei VFX-W-EVO have remarkable safety features that make this helmet super reliable for your overall head protection. This helmet uses substantial technologies including Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ shell construction and Motion Energy Distribution System (MEDS).

AIM+ construction technology combines fiberglass and organic fibers. This combination produces a helmet that is so incredibly strong that it can only be cut by a laser. Although fiberglass generally adds a lot of weight to a helmet, Shoei manages to maintain a lightweight at 3.3 lbs.

Have you ever seen MEDS printed on a helmet? This is a sign of real security and safety precautions that have been taken for this helmet. Standing for Motion Energy Distribution System, this safety measure is designed to better absorb impacts that inevitably come while you’re out riding.

This helmet also includes an Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS) in case of an emergency. It allows medics to easily remove the cheek lining of the helmet so they can then remove the helmet without putting too much strain on the rider’s head.

Final Notes

This helmet has phenomenal technologies to keep you, as the rider, well cooled off as well as protected in the event of an impact. I love the ventilation system on this helmet. Although the price is a little steep, this seems like the perfect helmet for going on an adventure in hot weather.

2. LS2-Subverter Nimble Helmet

The LS2-Subverter Nimble Helmet is one of the most popular dirt bike helmets that I’ve seen on the market. Not only does this helmet have great ventilation and protection, but it comes at a very fair price for its quality. You can see the current pricing for the LS2-Subverter Nimble helmet on Amazon here.


The big test to see how well a helmet is going to keep you cooled off is the ventilation system it has. The LS2-Subverter Nimble Helmet is no different in this respect.

This helmet was designed to allow your head to take a breather while your static or out riding. This helmet maintains 35 ventilation ports as part of the helmet’s channel system through the EPS (Expanded Polystyrene material used in the lining throughout the helmet) lining. That’s more vents than I’ve seen on any other dirt bike helmet. That means less sweaty head for you!

The LS2-Subverter Nimble also sports a wide eye port for any virtually any size of goggles and plenty of space for fresh air to dry off the sweat on your face.


Padding is an essential part of keeping your head safe while you’re riding. Without it, it would be like you were wearing a Roman soldier’s hard metal helmet. Can you imagine falling off your bike with that kind of headgear? Fortunately, the LS2-Subverter Nimble keeps you comfortable without the stuffiness that other helmets can contribute.

The LS2-Subverter Nimble helmet uses a thermo-weld system, that sounds hot, but actually comfort and breathability for your head inside this helmet. The thermo-weld system that this helmet uses makes it so less glue is required; therefore, the padding of your helmet is better able to breathe (and your sweaty skin along with it).

The lining is also removable and washable, which is important to note for keeping things fresh and avoiding mustiness that sweaty helmets can often succumb to.

Overall Protection:

This helmet consists of high quality, protective materials that help absorb the impact of your dirt biking adventures in the hills or flat lands. Made of Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA), this helmet’s shell is designed to be lightweight and allow a little flex for the energy management system.

The LS2-Subverter Nimble uses three shell sizes for the subverter. This allows the helmet to be as light as possible on your head while also getting the closest fit. It’s one thing to have space so you’re head doesn’t feel squished, but another thing entirely when a helmet is too big and your head jostles around inside it. No worries about jostling heads in this helmet.

The internal energy absorbing EPS connects a polycarbonate protective layer inside the helmet between the comfort padding and the dual density EPS through in-molding technology. This polycarbonate layer adds a little slippage for the padding that aids in the offset of rotational energy absorbed upon impact. Nothing better than another layer of protection that’s still light!

Final Notes

This helmet has great features that I find super impressive. The 35 vents are a stunning amount I trust would help keep me cool while riding. And the extra polycarbonate layer and EPS padding are hard to beat when it comes to overall protection.

3. Troy Lee SE4 Factory Carbon Helmet

Troy Lee is one of the most popular brands of dirt bike gear that’s currently on the market. This particular model, the Troy Lee SE4 Factory Carbon Helmet, is a snazzy new upgrade with its new technologies and comforts. For what you get, it’s worth the price. See the current price for the Troy Lee SE4 Factory Cabon helmet on Amazon here.


When I was looking into Troy Lee helmets, many people review them as high in quality but hot! I thought to myself, “No can do. Hot helmets would not go down well in my native Southern Utah. But then I found the Troy Lee SE4 Factory Carbon Helmet.

This helmet makes its predecessors pale in comparison with its new and improved vents. The SE4 sports 21 ventilation ports for maximum airflow while you’re out riding in the hills. Troy Lee company has specifically focused on improving the chin guard and forehead vents. The new venting directs the airflow toward your goggles. The ventilation is also very effective in drying any rouge sweat that drips into your eyes.

The back of the helmet also sports vents that allow the hot, moist air inside your helmet to escape. This makes sure that you receive the optimum cooling system for your head while you are out riding in the heat.


Helmet lining is crucial for comfort and sweat control, and the Troy Lee SE4 does not exclude this necessity. The lining in this helmet is made of CoolMax and Dri-Lex wicking materials. Riders who have worn this helmet dirt bike riding have said that it absorbs their sweat exceptionally well. No sweat in the eyes with this helmet’s lining and special ventilation system.

Riders have also found this helmet’s removable lining to be helpful when washing it after a sweet and sweaty weekend of riding in the heat.

The lining itself offers tons of padding without placing too much pressure on the sensitive pressure points in the head. No use having a helmet that keeps you cool but jabs you in the temples.

Overall Protection:

The Troy Lee SE4 Factory Carbon helmet has a shell composed of Carbon and Kevlar composite. This makes the helmet exceptionally strong while still maintaining a light weight of 2.9 pounds.

The technologies of this helmet offer some of the highest protective measures that I have seen on any dirt bike helmet. The MIP system has the most impressive impact on this helmet’s security.

Multi-directional Impact Protection (MIP) is a system that is designed to deflect the energy from an impact while dirt bike riding. Wherever the impact(s) occurs (because we all know that all kinds of crazy things can happen during a crash), the helmet will protect your head from the rough effects by lessening the impact and rotational energy on that particular part of the helmet.

The SE4 also sports a three layer EPS liner. The three different layers provide protection in low, medium and high speed impacts that can occur. This system also support your head while you are riding and in the case of impact.

Final Notes

This helmet is a fantastic helmet for its ventilation system and overall protection. I’m a fan of helmets that are made of carbon fiber or fiberglass; however, this helmet has great assets for a hot summer ride due to its ventilation, sweat absorbing lining, and lightweight.

4. Klim Krios Pro Arsenal Helmet

The Klim Krios Pro Arsenal helmet is praised for its superior protection and ventilation system. It’s definitely one of the more expensive helmets, but with all the awesome features and high quality of this helmet, it’s a worthy investment. You can see the current price of the Klim Krios Pro helmet on Amazon here.


The ventilation system on the Klim Krios helmet is more than sufficient. It has fully adjustable vents on the forehead and chin guard that make it possible for the rider to adjust to whatever comfort level or amount of airflow that they want. That’s definitely helpful on cold or hot days. 

The helmet’s Koroyd technology is not only super protective, but it also allows awesome airflow. This ventilation is also considered more effective than EPS technologies because passive airflow is able to pass through the core of the Koroyd structure. The cool air passing by the core then takes the hot air inside of the helmet with you.


The lining is a crucial part of the comfort and protection of a helmet for the rider who wears it. The Klim Krios Pro Arsenal helmet does a phenomenal job at making the rider comfortable and safe.

This helmet uses the company’s proprietary Klimtek lining system that uses smart foam technology. The material is not only antimicrobial to keep things fresh and smelling good, but it also uses fast sweat-wicking materials. What a luxury to not have to deal with more sweat dripping down your face and neck than necessary.

Overall Protection:

The Klim Krios Pro Arsenal helmet’s shell is made of carbon fiber and includes Koroyd technologies. What’s so cool about this technology? Well, in the case of an impact, the Koroyd materials will compact and slow down the impact energy. This makes this helmet super effective in protecting your head from injuries and trauma.

The helmet is also ECE and DOT certified, so you can rest assured that this high-quality helmet isn’t just for looks or name brand. It’s sure to keep your head safe while you’re out riding in the heat.

5. Arai VX-Pro4 Helmet

Arai is one of the top dirt bike helmet brands out there for its protective measures and quality. The Arai VX-Pro4 helmet definitely offers loads of protection. This makes it a little heavier, but Arai has done some new upgrades on this helmet that help to cool you off while riding. For current pricing, see the Arai VX-Pro4 helmet on Amazon here. There are many different color combinations of this helmet available.


As I was saying, the Arai VX-Pro4 helmet has more updates that make it a cooler helmet than its predecessor. This helmet has a total of eight vents on the top and back side of the helmet. When I first saw the lower number of vents, I thought for sure that this helmet wouldn’t be good for hot weather; then I look at some of the ventilation technology going on that I hadn’t considered.

The Arai VX-Pro4 helmet uses a ventilation system that literally sucks out the hot air in the helmet through some of the vents at the back. This system allows cool air to come in it’s place through the other vents on the top, back and chin of the helmet.

The Arai VX-Pro4 also features three wide, external and integrated vents on the chin guard. This allows plenty of air to flow in for your breathing and ventilation in the heat.

Meanwhile, the port of this helmet has vent holes that not only help with “lift” resistance during high speeds but also allow airflow on your head through the forehead vents.


This helmet uses Dry-Cool material that is especially good at absorbing sweat and drying it (and you) while you’re out riding.

The Dry-Cool material on the interior of the helmet uses micro water cells that help improve the flowing of heat and drying of moisture. This lining material helps to wicks away your sweat better than most other lining materials.

Overall Protection:

The Arai VX Pro4 is Snell and DOT rated, which is as good as any indication that it will protect your head while you out having a good time. The helmet shell is composed of complex Laminate construction (cLc).

This material is a special type of composite that lays between two layers of Super Fiber Laminate. The total effect of this combination is plenty of protective reinforcement without adding a ton of weight to the helmet overall.

The proprietary Super Fiber that this Arai helmet is composed of claims 30% higher tensile strength and penetration resistance than fiberglass. Comparing the material to fiberglass is an impressive comparison considering that fiberglass is considered one of the strongest dirt bike helmet materials out there.

Final Notes

This helmet has great technologies that I am extremely impressed with. The ventilation, although with fewer vents, effectively cools off the rider and the lining keeps the rider dry. But the shell composite is absolute highlight due to its strength while still being lighter than fiberglass.

6. Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex Helmet

As word has it, the Bell company previously had a hard time catching up with some of the other leading brands of dirt bike helmets–that is they had a difficult time until recently. The Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex helmet is considered one of the most technologically advanced helmets that Bell has come out with so far. That’s why it’s a bit more money, but the carbon construction is a very nice feature to have. See what the Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex helmet is currently going for on Amazon here.


The Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex helmet impressively sports its Velocity Flow Ventilation (VFV) system. The idea of this system is to create maximum airflow int he rider’s helmet using a natural airflow engine.

The natural airflow engine pulls air through the ventilation system of the helmet. Riders can even adjust the vents airflow capacity to determine how much air they want to flow through. This can be especially helmet if the day is extremely hot (like Southern Utah often is) and the wind seems to make you hotter than cooler.

If it’s more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside, you probably won’t want as much airflow to dry your sweat, because your sweat is the body’s way of cooling down. Without it, you can easily overheat in extreme temperatures. This is where closing off the vent a little would be very helpful.


Besides having the awesome ventilation system, the Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex helmet also features high-quality interior lining.

This helmet’s lining is made of X-Static XT-2 Silver Liner Extended Wear Interior. This material absorbs sweat much faster than the average nylon lining. But besides being sweat-absorbent, this material is one of the top antimicrobial fabric technologies.

I cannot think of anything worse than riding with a drenched head in a muggy helmet, than riding with a drenched head in a smelly, muggy helmet. The Bell Moto-9’s technologies take care of both of these problems so you’re not suffocating from stench or sweat.

Overall Protection:

The Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex helmet is made of a Carbon Composition shell, which is an extremely strong, yet light, material. This material tends to be a little more expensive on helmets, but, for overall protection and quality that it offers, it’s well worth the price if you’re looking for a strong, lightweight helmet.

The helmet also sports a three-layer impact liner that absorbs the energy from various levels of impacts that can occur. In my opinion, this is a very crucial element that I want my helmet to cover.

The composition technology of the helmet’s shell also offers more protection from the rotational energy that can occur during a crash. It does this by helping offset the transfer of rotational energy; thus your head is further protected and less affected.

Final Notes

Of course, if we’re out dirt biking, we can expect to get some dirt on our hands (and everywhere else). The Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex helmet, however, helps eliminate some of the grim by keeping you cool and dry while you’re out riding. The protective measures and lightweight also make this a very attractive option.

7. LS2 MX437 Fast Race Helmet

LS2 comes out with awesome technologies in their dirt bike helmets. At one of the lowest price points of all the helmets here, this helmet offers some of the best bang for the buck. If you think this helmet is the right one for you, go ahead and take at the LS2 Race helmet on Amazon here.


Air flow is a must when riding in hot weather. This is one of the aspects that makes the LS2 MX437 Fast Race helmet a great addition to your hot weather dirt biking gear.

This bike sports a Dynamic-Flow-through Ventilation System. The rear exhaust vents release the hot, moist air inside the helmet, allowing the fresh air to cool off the rider’s head.

The helmet also features fully adjustable vents throughout the shell (also on the chin guard and sides) so you can control the amount of air that enters the helmet. This can be helpful when the air outside is making you hotter instead of cooler.


The lining of a helmet has a huge impact on the enjoyment that you get out of riding that day. It’s no fun to be stuck in a hot helmet drenched in sweat. This is where the lining comes in helping to absorb and dry the sweat.

The LS2 MX437 Fast Race helmet has a removable and washable lining that is also hypoallergenic. This lowers the risk of an allergic reaction occurring form the lining materials. Until I heard of this fabric’s hypoallergenic features, I couldn’t think of anything worse than being stuck in a hot, sweaty helmet, except for being itchy and red in one.

The whole concept of the hypoallergenic material is to keep the helmet breathable and fresh while still keeping your head safe.

Overall Protection:

The helmet’s shell is made of Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA), which is a very light and strong material. This lightweight material makes it so the helmet is flexible in its energy absorbent. This prevents many head injuries.

It comes with three shell sizes in the interior of the helmet that is ECE 22.05 safety certified. This certification is in and of itself impressive because the certifications have a lot of qualifications that have to be met in order to be certified.

With the hard shell and hypoallergenic lining, this helmet is an excellent combination of keeping the riding safe and healthy on the inside and the outside.

Final Notes

Overall, the LS2 MX437 Fast Race helmet is an excellent helmet with great ventilation and awesome protective features. I was particularly impressed by the uniqueness of the hypoallergenic material that the lining is made of. This makes the helmet even more breathable, less muggy with the combination of the ventilation system throughout the whole helmet. It’s built to be comfortable and protective while your out riding in the heat of the day.


It’s important to stay cool while out riding in the sun; your gear is a major player of the overall quality of your ride. No one likes being super sweaty and hot for long hours while they are trying to have a good time.

My advice? Find a good helmet that suits your needs. Maybe it’s one of the helmets listed here! Whether or not it is, it’s important to consider the different hot weather and protective features of any helmet you’re considering making your own.

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