7 Excellent Hydration Packs for Dirt Bikers

We’ve all been out on the hills riding around for an hour or two and building up a massive thirst. Dirt biking is an exhilarating experience, but it can dehydrate you like no other. A huge thirst doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying your dirt biking experience if you have one of these awesome packs.

Leatt Hydration Pack GPX Race HF 2.0

If you’re going to go dirt biking, why not prepare to go for a longer ride out in the hills? The Leatt pack will ensure that you get in a good ride without having to refill your water.


The carrying capacity of this pack is 2-liters of water and 1-liter of storage for other essentials. So whether you just want to carry your phone and keys or a few granola bars or oranges, this pack’s got your back.

This pack also includes an awesome hands-free system that comes with two nipples and a removable hose for easy drinking. Its two-way routing choices allow you to get a quick drink from whichever hose is easier for you to reach. Your water is also kept nice and cool with the reflective inner panel.

This pack will also keep you cool during your ride with its Airline mesh that allows airflow at your back.

The Leatt pack’s adjustable harness is also a convenient feature that allows all body types and comfort preferences to fit the pack the way that satisfies your wants.


Personally, when I’m planning on an outing, I want to prepare enough water and snacks so that I don’t have to come back home too soon. This makes this pack a particularly attractive choice to me because of its total 3-liters of water and food storage available.

Depending on the importance of comfort to you, this pack may become too heavy throughout your ride. Some people have expressed that the straps can be a little tight, especially if you’re a huskier individual.

Fox Low Pro Hydration Pack

The Fox Low Pro is the ideal pack for a quick ride during the day. Here’s what you’d be getting yourself into with this pack…


It has a bladder of 1.5-liters and a small pocket for whatever you want to carry with you. If you only plan on having your phone and keys with you, even a small granola bar, this pack has the convenient space you need while still keeping your load light.

This pack also has a high-flow bite surge valve that you can easily twist open and closed, so there’s no worry about water leaking and premature refills.

The mesh back panel lets plenty of air flow around your back and the overall build of the pack is light and convenient for a quick ride around your local area.


This pack is light, but it only has sufficient water if you don’t plan on going too far or too long. But if you’re just going for a quick ride around the area, this pack would provide the perfect amount of hydration for you without being too heavy.

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Unigear Tactical Hydration Pack 900D with 2.5 Bladder


With a removable 2.5 liter BPA-free bladder, this pack offers you plenty of hydration for your needs while out on a longer ride. Another great feature is the wide-mouth on the hose that allows easily adding ice cubes and convenient cleaning because there’s nothing worse than a mildewy hydration pack.

The slim design is 19″ x 10″ x 1.5″ and fits chest sizes between 27″ and 50″. The pack’s adjustable shoulder and chest straps allow you to tighten or loosen the pack in the way that you need for comfort and stability. No worrying about this pack sliding around your back while your riding.

The Unigear pack also includes an emergency whistle and two pockets in the front for your phone, tools, or keys. It’s also made of 900 Denier Polyester which provides a sturdy pack that doesn’t tear easily for your rigorous riding.


I think this pack is a great fit for the more “rough” rider. If you’re going out for a ride in rough territory, this pack will provide you with the necessary water and comfort for your adventure.

USWE Ranger 3

This pack is the ideal pack for up to three hours of racing. Even racers such as Cody Webb and Taylor Walker have used this pack in particular.


The USWE Ranger 3 pack has a water capacity of 2-liters and a 3-liter storage holding. When it comes to training, you can keep your phone in the pack’s waterproof phone case and your tools inside of the removable tool-pocket. Once it’s race time, you can detach the tool-pocket from the main pack for lighter weight while racing.

The straps are adjusted easily for your comfort. The pack also rests higher on the back making it good for balance. While you’re racing, training or riding for fun, you want to perform at your best without the discomfort of a loose hydration pack.


This pack is a great addition if you want the opportunity to choose between having your tools and other necessities with you or to ditch them for lighter riding. I honestly like the convenience of being able to remove the tool-pocket if I need to. If you have a taller or broader body type, this pack may be a bit tight for wearing.

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Thor Vapor Pack

The Thor Vapor pack offers some cool features for water availability and storage that is unique from other packs that I’ve seen.


This pack holds 1.5-liters of water which is surrounded by a neoprene tube sleeve to help keep your water cool and refreshing. The water hose has a magnetic hold that is easy and convenient to access.

Storage in this pack is reliable for your needs while out on a ride. It has a second pocket for your phone and snacks or whatever minimal additions you want to bring along with you. The pack also includes a fleece lined pocket for glasses, which is a cool insert for your riding convenience. No scratched up glasses with this pack.


I think this pack has some neat features like the glasses compartment and the magnetic hose holder. I’ll be completely honest with you in saying that some people have reported the magnet falling off soon after the purchase. but that could be due to rougher riding than the pack was designed for. Altogether, this pack is a convenient option if you want a lighter pack for a shorter ride.

Vibrelli Hydration Pack & 2L Hydration Bladder

The Vibrelli Hydration Pack helps you stay hydrated on a day-long ride while also avoiding the heaviness that other packs have.


This pack holds up to 2-liters of water but only weighs 14 ounces. For cooling you off during a long ride, this pack features mesh back paneling and shoulder pads to allow for greater airflow. The pack itself is made of 420D Ripstop material that will prevent the bag from wearing out on your many off-roading adventures.

The high flow bite valve has a button to turn on and off to allow the passage of the liquid of life out in the heat without worrying about any leakage. This pack also includes an anti-microbial treatment to ensure your pack stays pristine for your frequent use.


Whether for a short or long, this pack is pretty well set for any dirt biking trip. Of course, that’s my opinion. But the 2-liter water carrying capacity and the light weight of this bag already makes it an attractive option to me. The only downside I can find is that it doesn’t have a lot of space for other essentials like phone, keys or snacks.

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Camelbak Mule Hydration Pack 3L

This Camelbak pack comes with some of the highest reviews for holding all that you need without the unnecessary weight.


This pack comes with a 3-liter bladder and has room for plenty of snacks and whatever tools you want to bring with you. The magnetic hose holder allows you to easily access your water when you need it without offering too much hustle and bustle to grab the hose and put it away again.

The recently updated reservoir gives you 20% more water with every drink you take, so it’s definitely more efficient at giving you the hydration you need.

This pack is also designed to be slimmer, no matter how full you pack it. No need to bother with a pack that will get in your way while out on the hills. The total pack weight is 1 lb 5 oz, but that can all depend on how much you pack in it.


I think the Camelbak is a promising pack with more than enough storage without the bulk. But I definitely think this pack could become really heavy depending on what you put in it. Altogether though, it features some helpful aspects for a fun, long ride.

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