Best Beginner Dirt Bikes for Women

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As a female dirt biker, I often have women approach me to ask for beginner dirt biking advice. People ask me what I think or know about anything from the best riding gear to what motors are best for X, Y, or Z situation. This is my list of the best dirt bikes for women who are just getting started.

Best Beginner Dirt Bikes for Women are:

  • Kawasaki KLX140G
  • Kawasaki KLX110 (For small women)
  • Yamaha WR250F
  • Honda CRF230F
  • Yamaha WR250R
  • Yamaha TTR-230

One question that I get a lot is what dirt bikes are best for women who are just getting into dirt biking. Because this is such a common question that I get asked, I decided that I should share what I know about beginner dirt bikes for women on the Internet so that women without a female dirt biker friend can have their questions answered, too.

So, if you’re a woman who has recently discovered the awesome sport that I love called dirt biking and you need to know what dirt bike is going to be best for you, keep on reading!

My Best List

Picking a dirt bike is hard for anyone, but I think women have it the hardest. Typically, women have smaller frames than men do and are lighter. Because of that, it can be difficult to find a dirt bike that is small enough and light enough for women to comfortably ride that is not a children’s dirt bike.

And even though I’ve been dirt biking since I was a kid with my dad in Southern California, I know the struggle on this one. Being a quarter of an inch shy of 5 feet tall, I’ve had to do a lot of shopping around to find the right dirt bike for riders with smaller frames.

It’s also difficult to find a dirt bike that is easy enough for beginners to handle it without much struggle. As a beginner, you don’t want a bike that’s too snappy and you don’t want one that is too heavy. You’ve gotta find a really fine middle ground.

So, it sometimes seems impossible to find the right dirt bike when you’re a woman who’s just starting out as a dirt biker. But don’t worry! As always, Emma Jo is here to help you through it.

The dirt bikes I have compiled onto my Best list are ones that are lightweight, have adjustable elements, and/or meet that fine middle ground that I was just talking about. A few of them also have features that are specifically designed and included for beginner dirt bikers, so I think they’re perfect for women who are getting started on their dirt bike journey!

Please note that these dirt bikes are in no particular order, and each of them is good for different reasons. I tried to pick a diverse array of dirt bikes that would be great options for all different kinds of beginner women. Read on!

Kawasaki KLX140G

This is an awesome beginner dirt bike for women. It has full-sized wheels, and the seat is only 33.9 inches off the ground. For beginner women, this dirt bike will allow for feet to comfortably reach the ground without sacrificing any power. This dirt bike is also really lightweight, which seriously adds to why it makes a great beginner dirt bike for women.

Another really great thing about this dirt bike is that it’s an electric start. For a beginner, electric start dirt bikes are an awesome choice because they are easy, easy, easy to get going. All it takes to start moving is pressing a button. So if you’re nervous to get a dirt bike going when you’re riding one for the first time, this dirt bike will make your experience stress-free and simple.

This dirt bike’s clutch also has a “half-clutch” feature that basically makes it easy for the person riding to go slow. This feature makes the dirt bike absolutely perfect for beginners who are just trying to figure out how dirt bikes move because they can just ride at whatever pace they feel comfortable with.

I tried this bike out once, and my favorite part about it is how smoothly it moves. It hardly rattles or vibrates when the motor is on, and it is pretty quiet for a dirt bike. If you’re a beginner, this feature will make your first time riding a dirt bike a total piece of cake.

I’d probably recommend this dirt bike to a woman who is average height and looking for simplicity and ease on her first ride.

Kawasaki KLX110 (for small women)

This dirt bike is VERY SMALL.

Most of the time, a dirt bike like this is reserved for young children, and many people will question why it is on this list. The answer is that many women are really scared of having something really powerful, and need a way to dip there feet in a little.

If I was just starting out riding dirt bikes, I would probably get a Kawasaki KLX110.

I know this is designed for kids, but hear me out.

This dirt bike has literally everything a woman needs when she’s riding a dirt bike for the first time. My youngest sister, who is just barely shorter than me, rides a KLX110 and loves it! Whenever we go dirt biking together, I’m always so jealous of her little dirt bike and beg her to let me try it out. (She seldom does.)

My personal favorite thing about this dirt bike is how small it is. It sits really low to the ground, which is perfect for itty-bitty women like me. Sitting on this dirt bike, you can easily put your feet flat on the ground. For beginner dirt bike riders, this gives a sense of safety and control over the dirt bike. I think that’s really important for beginners because confidence really is key when it comes to dirt biking. This bike is not scary in the slightest, and is small enough that even the smallest of us can handle it!

The seat on this dirt bike sits (ha, get it? sits…) at about 27 inches above the ground, making it another great option for small women.

I definitely would recommend this dirt bike for extremely small women like myself or small-ish women who are just nervous to ride a dirt bike for the first time.

The best thing about this dirt bike is that it’s adjustable and customizable. You can modify the motor and customize the whole bike to fit you perfectly. Not only is this great for women because we’re typically smaller than what so many dirt bikes allow for, but it’s also great for beginners who will likely upgrade within their first few years of dirt biking because the customizability of this bike keeps the resale value up way high.

This dirt bike also has POWER. Its low center of gravity makes it easy to balance, which is great if you’re figuring out how to ride a dirt bike for the first time. There are four gears on this dirt bike, too, which allows for plenty of speed.

Yamaha WR250F

This bike has a big frame, and it is pretty light. I personally think these things make it a good beginner dirt bike for women who are tall.

The motor is what really makes this dirt bike good for beginners. It works great at low speeds, so beginners don’t have to fear! The suspension on this dirt bike is great, making it pretty easy to handle. This dirt bike is honestly super versatile and can be ridden by both casual, beginner dirt bikers and pros.

I think the versatility of this dirt bike could potentially make it a long term dirt bike– you can ride it when you’re brand-new and when you know what you’re doing. And Yamaha is known for the reliability of their dirt bikes, so you can definitely trust this dirt bike to survive through the awkward beginnings when you’re riding a dirt bike for the first time.

This dirt bike is honestly ideal for a tall woman who knows she’s sticking with the sport for a long time.

Honda CRF230F

Would it even be a Best list if Honda wasn’t on it? I think not! This dirt bike is awesome for women who are just starting out.

It’s an electric start, which I really can’t say enough about for beginners! I think getting the dirt bike started can give a lot of beginner riders stress and anxiety because they don’t know what’s going to happen when they get rolling. I really think electric starts take the stress out of dirt biking for a lot of beginners because pushing a button is so much easier than kicking a pedal. With one less thing to worry about when you’re getting ready to ride a dirt bike for the first time, you can focus on what you’re going to do when you actually do start moving.

This dirt bike has a four-stroke engine, which I think makes for a much easier ride. Four stroke engines do more of the work for you, so when you’re a beginner, you have less to think about. Four strokes also have lower top speed, so beginner dirt bikers can take it easy on this dirt bike.

This dirt bike’s seat is about 30 inches off the ground, making it perfect for a woman who is average height. It is a little heavier than some of the other dirt bikes I’ve listed above, though, so you have to have some muscle to successfully control this bike.

Put simply, a 4’11” woman like myself would not be able to handle this dirt bike. I would recommend this dirt bike to a woman who is around 5’6″ with some substantial body strength.

Yamaha WR250R

This is technically a dual-sport bike, but I think it works great for female, beginner dirt bikers. The fact that it’s dual-sport makes this bike an easy ride.

This bike is really lightweight, so it is super easy to maneuver through trails! It doesn’t have a whole lot of power, which allows beginners to go at their own pace, but it’s got enough to give you an adrenaline rush as a newbie.

This bike has a smooth-as-butter transmission, which is another great perk for beginner dirt bikers. If the whole shifting thing makes you nervous, this bike will ease all of your troubling thoughts.

Being a dual sport bike, this bike is not beefy or hardcore in any way. It’s lean, soft, and easy. It’s absolutely perfect for beginner dirt bikers to learn how to ride a dirt bike and figure out the sport. You don’t have to be scared that you’re not in control because this bike will never overpower you.

This bike is tall with the seat at 36.6 inches off of the ground. The women who would be perfect for this bike are those who live in a different atmosphere than I do.

 Yamaha TTR-230

This is such a solid bike, and I believe it is right in that sweet spot of power and size that will fit the average woman well. Many people say that this bike is designed for a really relaxing and controlled ride versus a fight against a trail.

Really this bike would be perfect for just about any female rider. Solid bike with a good amount of power without being too scary for beginners.

Picking the Right Dirt Bike

When you’re picking which dirt bike is right for you as a beginner, you need to be very honest with yourself.

Know your weight and pick a dirt bike that you can handle. Know your height and pick a dirt bike that you can sit on and still comfortably put at least one foot down. Know your skill level and pick a dirt bike that won’t have too much power for you.

But, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. Pick a dirt bike that can handle you as you’re learning, but won’t be too easy for you after a year or two of riding.

Ultimately, the bike you choose is up to you. Pick something you like and that you’re comfortable with. Good luck choosing one, and have fun out there!

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I'm the co-owner of Dirt Bike Planet. I live in Star, Idaho and enjoy dirt biking with my wife and two boys throughout the Idaho mountains.

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