Best Cheap Dirt Bike Boots That are Comfortable and Durable

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Finding a good pair of dirt bike boots is crucial for safe, comfortable, and fun trail riding or racing. But, believe me, I’ve seen the prices, and they can be pretty high up there for a really good pair. Whether you’re a beginner and don’t want to spend too much on your first pair of boots, or you just want to find the most economical choice when it comes to dirt bike boots, here’s some good news.

  • Fox Racing Comp 5
  • Alpinestars Tech 1 Boots
  • Thor Blitz CE Boots
  • Gaerne GX-1 Boots
  • TCX X-Helium Michelin Boots

The best cheap dirt bike boots for adults and kids are some of the less known about, but still great, boots from the top dirt bike apparel brands such as Fox Racing, Alpinestars, and Gaerne. Adult boot prices range from $200-$300, and youth boots range from $100-$180.

Adult Dirt Bike Boots

Some of the greatest adult dirt bike boots are snazzy but super expensive. The good news is that you can find awesome dirt bike boots that are still comfortable and durable while still staying under $200.

Best Boots Under $200

Fox Racing Comp 5

Fox Racing boots have an excellent reputation for being comfortable right out of the box and having high-quality boots. Although the Comp 5 isn’t as “shiny” as it’s $600 counterpart, this boot holds great quality for a great price–both which I am sure will not disappoint any dirt bike rider.


The Fox Racing Comp 5 boot has been discontinued but the Fox Racing 2020 Comp boots are still available. The price for them varies depending on which version you buy. See the Fox Racing 2020 Comp Boots and current pricing on Amazon here.


The Fox Racing Comp 5 is designed to maintain comfort throughout a day-long ride. It has a full leather upper construction that aids to immediate comfort right out of the box.

There is little to no break-in time with these boots, and they remain comfortable long after the first ride.


Fox has adapted a lot of the high-quality features of their more expensive boots for the Comp 5. The aluminum buckles, wear-resistant materials, and bonded outsole of these boots are built to be long-lasting even on a cheaper boot.

If you lose a buckle during a tough ride, or just have some normal wear and tear of the boots over time, the buckles and hardware are easily replaceable. No worry about losing the quality even as the boots get a little older.


While remaining comfortable, the Comp 5 combines stiffness with the flexibility to protect your feet and give a great feel to the pedals during a ride. These boots also sport an anatomically contoured shin plate and medial plastic for great leg protection while out riding.

Alpinestars Tech 1 Boots

Alpinestars is another top brand with phenomenal quality for their dirt bike boots. The Tech 1 boots are the most impressive assemblage of protection and comfort that I have seen on an entry-level boot. Alpinestars didn’t short cut these boots at all while still keeping the price down.


The Alpinestars Tech 1 boots range in price. See their current price on Amazon here. The features of these boots honestly surprised me when I considered how cheap these boots are compared to pro-level boots. I think it’s plainly awesome what these boots have to offer for their price.


The Alpinestars Tech 1 boots provide awesome comfort and support to the ankles and feet with the bio-mechanical medial blade system. This system allows for great flex in the front and back of the boot while also protecting the ankle.

Inside the boot soft foam surrounds the ankle. This is good for three reasons: first of all, the foam offers a comfortable feel on your ankles while out riding; second, the foam plays a key role in holding your feet snugly in place, which offers you stability while shifting, braking, and jumping; and, third, the foam also acts as a shock absorbent when you land hard, hit hard, or have other kinds of impacts.


These boots are built to be extremely durable during all of your many hard rides. The upper part of these boots is made of abrasion resistant material. I’m personally a big fan of this aspect because I want to make sure that my boots keep their quality appearance even after a rough ride.

Another great feature on these boots includes the medial facing texture patterning that provides great grip on the bike and heat resistance, and it doesn’t easily wear out but maintains its usefulness and durability.


The Alpinestars Comp 5 boots offer optimum protection for riders, even in rough terrain. The biggest protective feature on these boots is the contoured co-injected polymer shin and calf protection. These two connect on the lateral side of the boot, so they offer all-around protection for your legs.

Thor Blitz CE Boots

Thor is a more popular and affordable brand when it comes to dirt bike gear, but it isn’t as widely talked about as Alpinestars or Gaerne, as far as boots go. However, these dirt bike boots from Thor deserve some worthy attention.


The Thor Blitz CE boots are by far some of the most economical adult boots that I have seen on the market. The price for these boots is about $110, and that’s hard to beat for the quality that these thunderous boots offer.


The Thor Blitz CE boots have been described as being a little stiff, but they offer some other great features that I haven’t seen on some of the other boots. One of these features is the mesh liner on the inside the boot. This offers a cushion while also promoting airflow. It’s awful to feel like your feet are on fire while you’re out riding, so the mesh liner is an attractive aspect of these boots in my book.

The boots also come with three fully adjustable straps. Sometimes one size doesn’t fit all, so this is a neat aspect of the boots. No need to suffer in discomfort because the boots are a little tight around your calves; you can just adjust the boots as you need for your preferred fit.


One of the biggest features of this boot that makes it extra durable is the fully synthetic heat shield. This not only protects you from the heat of your bike, but the durable rubber material also provides some traction to hang onto your bike, and it won’t wear down quickly.

The boots also have traditional soles that can be easily replaced by a cobbler when the time comes or when it suits your fancy to have a fresh boot sole.


The shins are one of the leg areas that are most prone to getting hurt by rouge rocks and branches while you’re riding. Thor gets that. That’s why the Thor Blitz CE boots are designed with a pre-curved injection-molded shin plate that will offer you plenty of protection while out on a tough track or wild trail.

Best Boots Under $300

If you’re getting into more mid-level dirt biking or are simply looking for some boots that are a little nicer, but won’t break the bank, here are a few quality boots. And they’ve still got the goods without the big prices of their big brothers.

Gaerne GX-1 Boots

Gaerne is a brand of dirt bike boots that I honestly hold a lot of respect for, so when I saw that they have a more affordable boot, I got really excited to take a look into the quality of the GX-1.


For all the amazing features that these boots have to offer, the Gaerne GX-1 boots are at an excellent price. For current pricing, see the Gaerne GX-1 Boots on Amazon here.


The comfort of these boots is excellent, as are many of Gaerne’s Italian made boots. They’ve got an excellent fit in the slightly wider toe box. I like this feature in particular because having squished toes in any kind of shoe is a nightmare; Gaerne eliminates any discomfort in that aspect with this wider toe box on the GX-1.

The boots also have a very short break-in time. Some people say that the boots are pretty stiff at first, but just give them a little bit of time to break in and you’ll be happy to have bought them.


Gaerne is known for making high-quality boots that last a long time in good condition. It’s no different with the GX-1. The light-alloy four buckle system is a good place to start when discussing durability.

These buckles are rarely reported to have fallen off; if they do fall off, they are easy and cheap to replace. These buckles also work easily whether your boots are fresh and clean or caked with mud.

The premium leather and rugged plastic components are also extremely durable no matter how hard you ride. You’re sure to get several seasons out of these boots while still having them look and feel great.


Gaerne is also widely known for the protection that their boots offer their riders. The Gaerne GX-1 offers a reinforced shin plate and heel counter for optimum upper and lower protection in these boots.

The anti-abrasion fabrics of these boots also offer you protection against the harsh environment that you rowdy on through. When it comes to protection, Gaerne is my top pick for dirt bike boots.

TCX X-Helium Michelin Boots

The TCX X-Helium Michelin boot is an awesome light-weight boot that would suit both beginning dirt bikers as well as more experienced riders remarkably well. You can find this versatile boot here on Amazon.

These boots contain the same DNA in a lot of their features as its big brother, Comp Evo. But TCX has managed to keep the price of this boot down while maintaining high quality.


Prices of boots can vary depending on where you look for the product, but you can see current pricing for the TCX X-Helium Michelin Boots on Amazon here.


Comfort is a huge aspect of any footwear, and I’m thoroughly impressed with the comfort features of these boots in particular.

First of all, the TCX X-Helium Michelin boots are a lighter boot, measuring at about 3.08 lbs per boots. Besides being on the lighter end of boots, the X-Helium is also made to be slimmer which gives you awesome feel and comfort while out riding on the bike.

The inner lining of these boots also plays a big impact on the comfort level of these boots. These boots sport Air Tech breathable lining, which aids in keeping your feet and lower legs cool while you’re riding. I like this feature a lot because having hot feet while riding is just plain uncomfortable and no one wants to deal with that while riding on a hot day.


One of the big problems that a lot of riders seem to have with their boots is that the buckles fall off easily. But I don’t think you’ll have to worry too much about that with the TCX X-Helium Michelin boots. These boots sport micro-adjustable, ergonomically designed aluminum buckles that are sturdy while contributing to the lightness of the boots.

The Michelin sole also contributes to the durability of these boots. TCX has teamed up with Michelin Tires to come up with a durable boot sole that is a bit stiff but flexible and suitable enough for walking around.


These boots are designed to be more comfortable than hard and protective, but there are still great protective features for these boots.

The TCX X-Helium Michelin boots feature polyurethane (PU) ankle, heel, and toe guards, which ensures optimum protection for these sensitive areas while you’re out riding. The boots also include shin plates and inner microfiber heat guards to protect your legs from the heat of the bike.

Kids & Youth Dirt Bike Boots

Of course, it’s important to consider affordable youth dirt bike boots for your young dirt bike riders. I’d say it’s pretty important or at least helpful to know some good, CHEAP dirt bike boots for kids that will still protect them while they’re riding for two reasons.

For one, if your young rider is pretty new to dirt bike riding and not sure if he or she wants to keep up with the sport, it might be better to pick some dirt bike boots that weren’t a crazy expense in case your kid decides they want to try out some other hobby or sport instead.

And two, kids are at that interesting stage of life where they grow a ton, and they grow fast. Because you might need to buy them dirt bike boots a little more frequently than you do for yourself, it’s not a bad idea to keep the dirt bike boots on the more economical side of things.

But I must say, you still want the boots to protect your kid’s legs and feet adequately. Here are a few cheaper, but still protective and comfortable dirt bike boots to consider.

Best Kid’s Boots Under $100

We all have times where we’re sticking to a tighter budget on some things. That’s why I’ve included some great youth dirt bike boots that are below $100.

Fly Racing Maverik HI-Viz MX Youth Boot

The Fly Racing Maverik Hi-Viz MX youth boots are a fantastic, high-quality boot for you young dirt bike rider that offers lots of great features for a great price.


These Fly Racing boots are set at a phenomenal price of about $80, which is by far one of the lowest prices I’ve seen for youth dirt bike boots.


I’d say some kids are a lot more sensitive to comfort than adults are. If the boots aren’t comfortable, or pitch in weird places, they’re likely to not enjoy wearing them if they wear them at all. Fly Racing seems to understand that.

These boots are made of genuine leather, which is a big aspect for added comfort for these boots. Not only does the leather last longer wear really well as doesn’t melt, but the leather also gives these boots good flex to the rider while riding.


Kids can be a little rough on clothes, toys, shoes…you name it. So durability is a pretty important aspect to include in your search for dirt bike boots for your young rider.

The Fly Racing Maverik Hi-Viz MX youth boots sport great durability features that help the boots last longer and wear slower.

One aspect on these boots, in particular, is the 3D molded shift protection. This is a plastic panel around the boot that protects the boot from premature wear.

The boots also have elastic gaiters that provide a comfortable seal around your calves while blocking out debris.


The Fly Racing boots offer great protection for the lower legs and feet of the rider. Along with the 3D molded shift protection, these boots have 3D shin protection that provides a guard against the natural features of the landscape while out riding.

Fox Racing Kids Comp 5K Boots

Okay, so important thing to note about these boots is that they are generally for kids between ages two and five depending on your kid’s size, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome for your super young dirt biker who’s just getting started or still riding along with you.


Fox is generally a little bit of a more expensive brand, but their quality makes up for it as well as some of the cool durability features that these boots offer that are sure to allow these boots to last for a few years. The Fox Racing Kids Comp boots can generally be found for around $95.


These boots are constructed of soft full grain leather and have “smart flex” construction. These two aspects alone give these boots awesome flexibility for our young rider on and off the bike.


So these boots have an awesome durability feature that I think is absolutely brilliant. The Fox Racing Kids Comp 5K boots come with an adjustable, “growing room” footbed that can be adjusted as your kid’s feet grow. How cool is that? With that kind of adjustment available, these boots should last a few years or more.


These boots offer great protection for the young riders who wear them. The suede burn guard helps to protect your kid against the heat of the dirt bike while they are riding. The boots also sport protective paneling around the shin, ankle, heel, and shoe box.

Best Kids’ Boots Under $200

For your young riders who are a little more serious about dirt bike riding, here are some great dirt bike boots that are under $200.

O’Neal Youth Rider Boots

O’Neal is a widely popular dirt bike gear brand. These particular boots come highly recommended for young dirt bike riders. You can find all the specs on the O’Neal website here.


The O’Neal Youth Rider boots have a price on the lower scale of this range, costing about $120. I honestly feel like the O’Neal company could justify a higher price for the quality features suggested, but I’m certainly glad that they are kept at such a great price.


The comfort features for these boots are fantastic for young riders who want to ride hard and play hard without worrying about aching feet or weird rubbing on their lower legs and feet.

The O’Neal Youth Rider boots sport an air mesh interior to promote coolness and breathing in the boots. The boots also provide great support for the feet with the cushioned insole and abundant heel support.

These support features are great in helping prevent unnecessarily aching feet or sore heels so your kid can have fun without the discomfort that some boots cause.


A problem with some dirt bike boots is that the plastic will melt and wear fast against the heat of the dirt bike. These boots, however, have a synthetic leather heat shield that provides protection against this catastrophe.


The protection for these boots consists of the protective plates and the inner support of the boots. The boots feature injection molded plastic plates that protect the rider’s legs against impacts while riding.

The boots also sport a metal shank insert that provides support to the boot as well as maintains the boots overall shape.

Fox Racing Comp 5 Youth Boots

Here is another awesome boot from Fox Racing that allows for larger sizes. The Comp 5 is actually an excellent adult size that they have also modified to fit youth as we see here with the Fox Racing Comp 5 Youth boots.


The Comp 5 boots appear to have been discontinued but luckily the Fox Racing Comp boots appear to still be available and are almost identical. See the Fox Racing Comp Youth Off-Road Motorcycle boots on Amazon for current pricing.


The boots have a low break-in time, which your young rider will most likely appreciate so they can get right into riding in comfort and style. These boots are also specifically designed to offer comfort even during long rides.


These boots have been upgraded to have aluminum buckles in their four buckle system. The nice thing about buckles made of this material is that they are more secure and less likely to fall off during a ride.


The Youth Comp 5 boots also offer great protection for the rough rides that come along. With the impact panels at the shin and medial sides of the feet, these boots offer great protection for what impacts can occur during a ride.

Where Else to Find Cheap Dirt Bike Boots

So, here we’ve listed a few great dirt bike boots that are comfortable and durable while still being cheap, but there are a couple of tips to consider if you’re looking for cheap dirt bike boots.


eBay is a great alternative to finding cheap, but high-quality dirt bike boots. Honestly, it all depends on where you look, but with a little diligence in searching, you can find some real treasures there.

Some people may only wear their brand new boots for a season or so, or may have only been trying dirt biking out and then decided it wasn’t their thing. So, a lot of these boots on eBay can be very lightly used.

Where would you go if you were trying to get as much money back from something you bought? eBay! Why not take advantage of this source.


Closeouts are also a great alternative for finding cheaper dirt bike boots. A lot of online companies that I’ve seen lately have been having closeouts on certain boots that they carry. You can find some of the dirt bike boots on closeout on the following sales companies: Motor Cycles Closeouts here,

Closeouts are definitely worth looking up and checking out when you’re thinking of getting new dirt bike boots.

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