Best Dirt Bike Helmets for a 10-Year-Old

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Being a ten-year-old can be tough, or so my little sister tells me. The thing is that ten-year-olds are right between being a little kid and adolescence, but they’re not quite in either group; they’re in the tweens. But no matter the age, it’s still important for any dirt bike rider to have the proper gear, especially a good helmet.

1.HJC Youth CL-XY 2 Bator Helmet

When I’m looking into a helmet, my first priority is to check out how well the helmet is going to protect my head; this is especially true for kids helmets. And, I must say, the HJC Youth CL-XY 2 Bator Helmet doesn’t disappoint in this department.


Find any sort of dirt bike sizing chart and this will apply to this helmet. Many reports say that it fits as expected, so no adjustments will be needed.

Safety Features:

The two crucial aspects for safety features on a dirt bike helmet are the materials that the helmet is made of and the inner lining of the helmet. Besides being DOT approved, which is a good sign that the helmet has good safety measures to meet the DOT standard, the CL-XY 2 has awesome features for protecting your young dirt bike rider’s head.

The helmet is made of an advanced polycarbonate composite shell. Polycarbonate is one of the lighter materials that dirt bike helmets are made of, so this helmet won’t put as much pressure on your kid’s neck as other materials would.

Although the material is light, polycarbonate is also exceptionally strong and will protect your kid’s head in the event of an impact.

The Nylex material that this helmet’s lining is made of is plush to aid in comfort and help absorb shock during impact. The lining is also removable and washable. I think this is a super neat (no pun intended) feature that helps keep your child’s helmet clean and bacteria free after a long, sweaty ride.

The helmet also sports a wide eye port for maximum visibility, which is a crucial aspect of safe riding. If your kid can’t see well while their riding, it’s important to figure out how to improve their visibility right away. This includes a helmet with a wide eye port.


Comfort is a huge aspect of any helmet, but especially so for kids. If kids aren’t comfortable, they’re not going to wear the helmet. The two major aspects of comfort include the padding and the ventilation system for the helmet in question.

The plush interior of the CL-XY 2 is geared to help wick away the sweat that inevitably comes while out riding. This aids in keeping your child’s head a bit dryer so that sweat doesn’t drip into their eyes and they don’t have the discomfort that comes from having a sopping wet head.

The plush material also adds to the overall comfort of this helmet. Comfort is super important when considering a dirt bike helmet, so it’s important to make sure that there’s nothing poking or squeezing your child’s head like it’s not supposed to.

The CL-XY 2 has an Advanced Channeling Ventilation System (ACS) throughout the helmet. As part of this system, the helmet has a full front to back airflow that helps move the air through the helmet. What cool air comes in takes the hot, humid air out.


We all want our helmets to suit our tastes in style right? Kid’s are the same way, especially ten-year-olds who want to look cool to their friends and prove that they are older now. HJC keeps this fact in mind.

The CL-XY 2 model comes in six different colors including black, blue, hi-viz yellow/blue, orange, pink, and red. These are very sophisticated looking helmets with fun colors but a more mature feel.

These are awesome patterns for any ten-year-old who wants to stand out while also stepping away from younger patterns.


This helmet comes at a respectable price for a good-quality youth dirt bike helmet. For current pricing see the HJC Youth CL-XY 2 Bator helmet on Amazon here. With this helmet’s features and cool designs, I’d say it’s a worthy investment that your kid is bound to love.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, this helmet has surprised me with its protective features, but most especially with its Advanced Channeling Ventilation System. Definitely a solid choice for a kid’s first helmet.

2. TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet

TCMT offers great youth dirt bike helmets that are super popular among buyers. Oftentimes, the helmet comes with gloves and goggles like in this helmet set.


This helmet has size ranges that are a little smaller than others, but, if your child has a smaller head circumference, this is a great option for them.

The helmet comes in sizes small, medium and large. The small size ranges for head circumferences between 19.2 to 19.7 inches; the medium helmet ranges for head fit are between 20.1 and 20.5 inches; the large helmet size ranges for head circumference are between 20.9 to 21.2 inches.

It’s better to have a helmet that has a little space than one that is way too tight.

Some buyers have said that this helmet runs a little small. If your child’s head circumference measurements are between sizes or really close to one size, in particular, I would suggest you go for the larger size. It’s better to have a helmet that has a little space than one that is way too tight that it’s uncomfortable.

Safety Features:

This TCMT helmet is made of a super durable composite material. What’s awesome about these composite materials is that the manufacturer’s combine durable and lightweight materials. The product of this combination is a strong, light helmet that offers protection without the heaviness of other dirt bike helmet materials.

The helmet has heavy duty padding on the inside to help with protection as well as comfort while your child is riding. In the case of an impact, which we all know they happen from time to time, the padding helps keep your child’s head firmly in place and also absorbs some of the energy upon impact.

This helmet also comes with a UV protective finish, which is a unique feature that I have not seen on many other dirt bike helmets out there. This is an awesome feature that pairs nicely with summer rides when your child is probably more likely to be out riding in the sun for hours at a time.


The ventilation system and interior padding on this helmet are the biggest aspects of the overall comfort of this TCMT helmet.

The padding that also helps absorb impact energy is plush and heavy duty to keep your child’s head well cushioned while out riding. The padding is especially nice for those bumpy dirt bike trails and paths that cause your brain to shake up.

The ventilation system also plays a key role in the comfort that the helmet offers. This helmet is considered to be appropriate for both winter and summer riding.

I don’t know if I would recommend this helmet for riding in 100 degrees Fahrenheit weather, but for moderate summers and winters, this might be just the helmet for your kid to keep them cooled off but also keeping their head from freezing in the chilly wind.


I have seen this helmet come in six different colors and patterns that are sure to offer something that will help your child feel like the cool kid out on the hills. The six colors include a black skull, blue frame, blue skull, green frame, pink butterfly, and red spider.


This helmet is also one of the more economic choices, especially considering that it comes as a set with gloves and goggles. You can see the current price of the TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet on Amazon here.

Final Thoughts

The TCMT is a great helmet with excellent safety features. It has a ton of great reviews that raise my confidence in this helmet’s qualities. Once again, this helmet has size ranges that are a little smaller, but it has good qualities for the relatively lower price.

3. Thor Sector Level Helmet

The Thor Sector Level Helmet has awesome features that definitely make this helmet stick out among other dirt bike helmet brands. The Thor company itself is one of the top companies out there, so we can expect high quality from this helmet.


The Thor Sector Level Helmet is actually an adult size helmet, but I’ve included it here for those kids who have got slightly larger heads or are bigger kids, in general, for their age.

The sizes range from x-small, small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large. As always, I suggest going with the bigger size if your child’s head is between sizes or lines up really close to one size.

  • X-Small — 20 3/4 to 21 1/4 inches
  • Small — 21 5/8 to 22 inches
  • Medium — 22 1/2 to 22 3/4 inches
  • Large — 23 1/4 to 23 5/8 inches
  • X-Large — 24 to 24 1/2 inches
  • XX-Large — 24 3/4 to 25 1/4 inches
Safety Features:

As an adult helmet, the Thor Sector Level helmet is bound to be a little bulkier and heavier than an average kid helmet. But this may be just what you and your kid are looking for if you’re kid has a stronger build or a bigger head.

This helmet definitely has a lot of exceptional safety features that rival other helmets. The Thor Sector Level has an injection molded polycarbonate ASB shell. Although this helmet will probably be a little heavier, the polycarbonate material alleviates some unnecessary weight form the helmet.

The helmet also features a dual-density EPS liner. This aids in a better distribution of energy when your child goes through major or minor dirt bike impacts. This is one of the best systems for impact absorption that I have seen on dirt bike helmets.


Thor is a great company in that their helmets are really high quality. This helmet is no different.

The padding that is featured in the Thor helmet is amazing in terms of comfort as well as durability. Your child’s noggin should be safe in this helmet.

Since it is an adult helmet you should be careful to only get this helmet if it will fit them right now, not if they are going to grow into it. If it is a little on the larger side that is fine, but if it is huge then you run the risk of really dangerous head trauma. A helmet that is too big is better than nothing at all, but it is best to have a helmet that fits correctly.


This helmet looks so great, and I think that is the main thing that makes it attractive to me. It comes in several different colors that are stunning, and even though it has some large branding, it looks really cool and sleek. The colors that are featured are eye-grabbing and really attractive.

Final Thoughts

This is a really high-quality helmet, and you would be really happy to have it for your child. They are durable and look great. If you want to invest in something that is going to keep your child safe for a few years ahead, this is going to be a great buy.

What Size Helmet Should I Get for My Kid?

This is a really important question since head injuries are really dangerous for children, and you don’t want to make it any worse because you bought the wrong size helmet.

Too small and a helmet will be extremely uncomfortable and render the padding almost pointless. Too large and your child’s head will be knocking around the helmet in an unsafe way.

The proper way to size a child’s helmet is to take a tape measure and wrap it around the place that a hat would sit. Meaning the back of the head to the forehead.

Once the head is measured, go to this website and find the best size for your children. (Click this link to find an awesome chart)

Remember that if your child falls in the space between two sizes, it is always better to go for the larger size. As a parent, I am sure that you are well aware of that strategy in terms of making things last longer, but in terms of safety that is also the better option, so don’t worry about it.

These helmets are a great starting place, but there are tons of other helmets out there that are great, so involve your son or daughter in choosing a helmet that they think is cool.

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