Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $300

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Dirt Bike helmets are an essential piece of gear for any adventure riding or motocross you participate in. But they can be a tad bit spendy unless you know where to look. That’s why I’ve gone on a treasure hunt for the best dirt bike helmets under $300. We’ve got to help each other out, right?

The best dirt bike helmets under $300 include the following lineup:

  • AFX FX-21
  • LS2 MX470 Subverter
  • TLD SE4 Polyacrylite Factory
  • Bell MX-9 w/ MIPS
  • Fox Racing V1 Motif
  • Fly Racing F2 Carbon MIPS

These are some of my personal favorites that have stuck out compared to many, many others for their quality, overall protection, and awesome features.

AFX FX-41 DS Helmet

AFX is one of the top brands for dirt bike helmets on the market. The AFX FX-41 DS helmet is a fantastic addition to their lineup. If you’re interested in this quality helmet, you can find it on Amazon in the box below.


The AFX FX-41 DS helmet comes at a pretty sweet price (see the box above for the current price on Amazon and link to its listing). For that reasonable price, this helmet comes with some fantastic features that blow the mind away while keeping the head protected.


The overall construction of a dirt bike helmet plays a key role in the overall quality and protection. What the AFX FX-41 DS helmet has to offer certainly gives you the bang for your buck.

Shape, Material, and Weight:

AFX hasn’t scrimped on the overall design of the FX-41 DS helmet. This helmet is designed with an aerodynamic shell and weighs about 4.02 lbs, so it’s a little bit on the heavier side of helmets, but AFX shaves off some of the weight with the lightweight composite poly-alloy material that the helmet is made of.

No one likes riding in a smelly helmet, and no one will wear one that irritates your skin. Thankfully, TFX has designed this helmet with preventative features against both of these discomforts.

The helmet’s lining is made of hypoallergenic and antimicrobial nylon. This material is great in adding to the overall comfort and protection provided by the helmet.


In my book, one of the most important features on a dirt bike helmet is the ventilation system. I’m here to tell you that the ventilation of this helmet does not disappoint. With seventeen total vents throughout the helmet, the FX-41 DS is surely going to keep you cool while out riding.

The helmet also features a removable shield that provides protection against UV rays as well as allows for goggles underneath according to your preference. But, honestly, with the exhilaration and dangers of dirt biking, I think it would be wise to wear goggles no matter what.

Along with the shield, the helmet features an inner smoke tinted sun shield that flips down easily with the left side lever whenever you need it.

One more cool feature that I don’t see on very many dirt bike helmets is the ear cavity space in the helmet. The TFX FX-41 DS helmet has ample room for speaker systems. Whether you’re staying in contact with your riding buddies while out on the fields or just interested in listening to your music, this is a great feature that you’re sure to appreciate.

LS2 MX470 Subverter Helmet

LS2 is another top brand of dirt bike helmets on the market. This helmet, the MX470 Subverter, is one of my personal favorites in the LS2 lineup. If you’re hankering to take a closer look at the MX470 Subverter, you can find it in detail on LS2’s website here.


The LS2 MX470 Subverter helmet comes in at the price listed in the box above (see the link to the Amazon listing for the helmet). Price does depend on the color and design you pick out. I will tell you that the matte or solid colors are the cheapest in this range.


The LS2 MX470 Subverter helmet has outstanding construction aspects that have definitely brought this helmet on our lineup of best helmets under $300 today.

Material, Security, and EPS

LS2 offers amazing quality with the MX470 Subverter. The helmet is constructed with kinetic polymer alloy (KPA), a material unique to LS2 products.

KPA material is super lightweight, making the helmet about 3.44 lbs. While offering awesome strength, this material of this helmet offers some flex as part of the energy management system that protects your head during crashes.

The MX470 Subverter also offers in-molded EPS that connects to an internal polycarbonate protective layer between the helmet’s comfort padding and the main layer of EPS.

The polycarbonate layer is somewhat slick, allowing the helmet to offset rotational forces in case of a crash. This technology definitely aids in keeping your noggin safe.


The LS2 MX470 Subverter offers superior ventilation and awesome safety features that are sure to impress for the lower price range of this helmet.

Much to my surprise and excitement, this helmet has 35 vents located on top of the helmet, at the chin, and in various other places. Included in the ventilation system are channeled ports throughout the whole helmet and exhaust vents that help release the hot air and moisture in your helmet.

For comfort and protection, the helmet features breathable, laser-cut foam lining that is removable and washable.

Lining plays a big role in absorbing some of the shock energy of an impact so that it doesn’t have as big fo a role in your head.

TLD SE4 Polyacrylite Factory Helmet

Troy Lee Designers has an excellent reputation for their dirt bike gear, and the SE4 Polyacrylite helmet is no exception for the great features it sports and at the great price.


The current price of the TLD SE4 Polyacrylite helmet is shown in the box above (along with a link to its listing on Amazon). I really love the features that Troy Lee Designers have put into this helmet, especially for this great price.


This helmet has some awesome construction that I’m really impressed by for a generally cheaper helmet. One of these constructive aspects is the multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS).

This system appears as in the form of the yellow crown inside the helmet that offers a little slide in case of an impact; thus it helps offset some of the rotational forces that occur during an impact and that would otherwise really affect your head.

The helmet chin bar is made of expanded polypropylene (EPP), which aids in the lightness and overall durability of the chin bar. I think that this structure material is awesome because it not only adds protection to the jaw (a part of the head that is more susceptible to injuries) without excess weight.


The TLD SE4 Polyacrylite helmet also offers some fantastic features that are worth looking into.

Visor, Padding, & Straps:

An awesome feature that plays into the protection the helmet offers during impact is the plastic visor screws and brass inserts. These allow the visor to easily break away during a crash.

This is an important aspect because the visor could otherwise cause more harm by hindering the natural role of your head and neck.

The helmet is also structured with anatomical 3D cheek pads that are great for absorbing impact energy and for keeping your head safely in place.

The helmet also comes with stainless steel D-rings on the helmet’s strap are both light and strong, which aids in helping keep your helmet on, especially during impact.

Bell MX-9 w/MIPS Helmet

Bell is easily one of the most well-known companies for making helmets, including this here dirt bike helmet. The MX-9 w/MIPS helmet is a fantastic helmet that gives you optimum protection for a lower-priced helmet.


The price of this helmet on Amazon is shown in the box above (along with a link to its current listing), which is a lot cheaper than several other dirt bike helmets I’ve seen but with some awesome features that I think you are really going to like.


The construction of a helmet is a major aspect for the overall protection that it offers a rider. The Bell MX-9 w/MIPS helmet has some awesome construction aspects that definitely add great protection to any rider.

Materials, MIPS, & Interior Padding:

The Bell MX-9 w/MIPS helmet has a polycarbonate/ABS shell that is both lightweight and super durable. These materials are some of the best for lower-priced helmets, which is one of the many reasons that this helmet has made our lineup today.

The helmet also includes the multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS) that is so well described in the above review. The main idea of the MIPS is to help offset some of the rotational forces that can really injure your head during impact.

This feature is less common in cheaper dirt bike helmets, so I’m super impressed to find it in this economical helmet from Bell.

The interior padding is a major aspect of the protective quality of a helmet, and the MX-9 does not disappoint in this category. The padding not only helps in absorbing the impact energy that can affect your head in crashes, but the material is also anti-bacterial, removable, and washable.

Other Features:

Besides the overall construction, this helmet also has some great features that contribute to comfort and safety for this helmet.

The Bell MS-9 w/MIPS helmet has the Velocity Flow Ventilation system that provides maximum airflow while you are out riding. This is a particularly nice feature in this cheaper helmet because it aids in keeping you cool and comfortable while riding.

Another awesome feature related to the first is the Flying Bridge visor. This visor includes air intakes that help dry your face of sweat and also take in the cool air throughout your helmet.

Fox Racing V1 Motif Helmet

Fox Racing is a super well-known dirt bike gear company, but something that I’ve noticed about them is their products tend to be a little more on the expensive side. The V1 Motif helmet, however, is a beginner helmet with some great features, which is significantly cheaper than other Fox helmets.


The price of the Fox Racing V1 Motif helmet comes at around $135-$145 depending on where you find it. That’s a wowzer price that I don’t think I’ve seen on any Fox Racing dirt bike helmet before, so this helmet is a real treat.


The main construction aspects of this helmet include the helmet’s materials and the shell sizes available.

The Fox Racing V1 Motif helmet has an injection-molded polycarbonate and ABS shell that is both strong and light. The lightweight material continues throughout the shell sizes available.

The V1 Motif helmet actually comes in four EPS shell sizes, which significantly stands out as most helmets only come in two or three shell sizes.

The multiple shell sizes help ensure that you as the rider get the best fitting helmet for your uniquely sized head. Getting the best fitting helmet is crucial in maintaining optimum protection for your noggin while you’re out riding.

Other Features:

The Fox Racing V1 Motif helmet has great construction as we’ve discovered, but it also includes some other great feature that gives this helmet the greatest bang for your buck.

One of the most notable features is the ventilation system. This helmet has significantly fewer vents than its predecessor, but the ventilation system actually is a lot more effective in this helmet due to its large vents along the chin bar and the exhaust vents in the back of the helmet.

The helmet also sports a magnetic visor release system (MVRS). This allows your visor to easily break off during a crash, which adds to the durability of your visor in not getting thrashed during a crash.

HJC FG-MX Helmet

HJC is another great dirt bike helmet company that includes some amazing technologies in their helmets for a great price.


The HJC FG-MX helmet comes at a price of around $164 max depending on the size and graphics that you choose. If you’re interested in taking a closer look at this helmet, you can check it out on HJC’s website here.


The construction of the HJC FG-MX helmet has awesome elements including the materials used, the EPS liner, and the eye ports.

The FG-MX helmet is made of a lightweight fiberglass composite shell, which is a super durable material that offers lots of protection for riders’ heads.

This honestly impressed me because fiberglass tends to be a more expensive material, but HJC has managed to keep the price of this helmet down significantly.

The Helmet also includes shock absorbant EPS liner through the helmet. this is a superior safety feature in dirt bike helmets that aids in displacing otherwise harmful energy from taking effect on your head.

The eye port on this helmet is also exceptionally big, so you shouldn’t’ have too much trouble fitting any goggle size with this helmet. Something to not, however, is that this helmet does not have a rubber gasket around the eye-port, but this doesn’t seem to bother many riders, especially if they have a rubber lining on their goggles.

More features:

Beyond the basic construction of this helmet, the HJC FG-MX helmet offers some other great features that become the icing on the cake that is already delicious.

The ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System gives you great airflow throughout the helmet with the molded channels in the EPS lining that provide passage for the hot air to get sucked out of the exhaust vents.

As far as padding goes, the HJC has integrated SilverCool Plus lining inside of this helmet. I haven’t actually seen this material used in helmet’s lining before, so this automatically makes this helmet stick out compared to others.

The SilverCool Plus material offers great moisture-wicking and uses superior silver antimicrobial material to aid in keeping your helmet fresh and cool for your rides.

Fly Racing F2 Carbon MIPS Helmet

Fox Racing is a great company that provides high quality, lightweight helmets. The Fly Racing F2 Carbon MIPS helmet is definitely one of their top models for the economical price it comes at.

If you want to take a closer look at this helmet and its pricing, you can find it on Amazon in the box below or on Fly Racing’s website here.


The price of the Fly Racing F2 Carbon MIPS helmet is shown in the box above (along with a link to its listing on Amazon), so that’s the top of our range, but this helmet offers great features that are totally worth the investment if you’ve got the money for a good for a helmet.

Plus, Fly Racing comes out with new models so often that you can likely find this helmet on closeout when a store is bringing in the newest models.


The constructive aspects of this helmet add great elements to the overall protection of the helmet.

Materials, MIPS, and EPS;

The shell of this helmet is constructed with Carbon Matrix composite, which is a sturdy, high-end material that offers great protection and durability

The MIPS is also a great addition to the helmet’s structure. This system is integrated into the helmet and is geared specifically toward offsetting the rotational forces that can cause great damage to the brain.

This helmet also includes dual-density EPS, which further adds to the overall protection that this helmet provides. The EPS layers in this helmet aid in absorbing impact energy while you’re out riding have some kind fo crash.

Definitely, when it comes to protecting your head, extra protection is super reassuring and honestly vital, which is what makes the Fly Racing F2 Carbon MIPS helmet such a great choice worth investing in.

Other Features:

The Fly Racing F2 Carbon MIPS helmet integrates CoolMax materials for their lining. This material works exceptionally well for moisture-wicking and in keeping your helmet from smelling musky.

Of course, the material is no excuse for not washing your helmet and its padding, but the material is definitely a luxurious addition.

The helmet also includes Fly Racing’s trademark ventilation system: TFV (True Functional Ventilation). It includes multiple intake air vents that force the air through the EPS lining and out through the exhaust vents when you’re riding.

The helmet also includes a quad-vent above the visor that pulls the air from your goggles in order to reduce fogging and impairment of vision because of it.

Where Else to Find Quality Dirt Bike Helmets for a Cheap Price:

when it comes to quality, there’s no good substitute for a new helmet that hasn’t been used yet. But if you are looking for cheaper helmets that still have great quality, there are a few places you can look.


Everyone loves a sale, right? Well, the beautiful thing is that dirt bike gear stores often have closeouts on their products. This is especially true with dirt bike helmets that come from companies that constantly produce new versions of their helmets.

When fear companies come out with new products, stores are anxious to sell the old models to make room for the spanking new helmets to be put on the shelves. As such, the old models go on closeout.

If you’re looking for a new helmet that fits within your budget, it’s worth keeping an eye on gear stores toward the beginning and end of the year so that you don’t miss out on an awesome deal.


eBay is also another great option for finding cheaper dirt bike helmets. You’ve got to figure, some people buy dirt bike helmets only to discover that the helmet doesn’t fit or hits pressure points on their head.

Some people might have bought a helmet with the intention to try out dirt biking, but they gave up the sport (awful thought, I know).

And the problem that all these people have is that they can’t return the helmet. So, what’s left to do but sell it and get some money back from their original purchase?

But, like any site that sells used items, you’ve got to be selective about what you purchase. So, here are some useful things to consider when purchasing a used helmet.

What to Look for:

First, when you’re looking into a dirt bike helmet, pay close attention to any major or minor abrasions on the exterior.

Nicks and dents can be HUGE indicators of the helmet’s quality and how well it’s going to protect your head. It’s not enough to know that the helmet protected the seller’s head.

The real reason why I say this as the first thing to look for is that once a helmet has been bashed against a rock or stump, it loses some of the integrity of the energy-absorbing EPS structure on the inside of the helmet.

So, if you hit your head in the same place where the helmet EPS has already been crushed to absorb impact for a previous rider, it’s not going to be nearly as effective in protecting your head in that area.

Second, take a close look to see if the lining is torn up or worn down.

I say this for a couple of reasons. 1) If the lining is super worn, you’re probably going to want to replace it so that you have the optimum comfort and protection as the lining helps absorb impact energy.

2) It’s probably a good idea to change the padding anyway, if someone else has sweated in it, for hygiene purposes unless the helmet has not actually been worn out on the trails.

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