Best Dirt Bikes for 11-Year-Olds: A Detailed Guide with Pricing

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Two 11 year olds riding dirt bikes.

Eleven is a tough, but fun age. It’s a transition between childhood and adolescence, so it makes sense that your 11-year-old is looking for a new dirt bike to transition from smaller bikes to bigger bikes.

Whether your young rider is a beginner or has some experience under his or her belt, here are six of the best dirt bikes out there for 11-year-old riders:

Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket
Electric Dirt Bike
Electric Motor NASee on Amazon
Kuberg Young Rider Cross
Dirt Bike
Electric Motor NA$1,999.00
Kawasaki KX65 Dirt Bike2-Stroke Engine2020$3,699.00
Suzuki RM85 Dirt Bike2-Stroke Engine2019$4,199.00
Yamaha TT-R110E Dirt Bike4-Stroke Engine2020$2,299.00
Honda CRF110F Dirt Bike4-Stroke Engine2020$2,399.00

When you’re looking for a dirt bike for a young rider, there are three things you’ll want to consider: 1) What’s the price and where can you find it for cheaper? 2) How safe is the bike? 3) Is this an appropriate bike for your kid? We’ll talk about each of these questions as related to each bike.

Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Dirt Bike

Razor is a super popular company that creates electric dirt bikes for youngsters, and the Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket is at the top of my list for an economical, fun riding machine.

What’s the price?

This dirt bike from Razor is the cheapest on this list by far. I seem to see it for the best price on Amazon (of course) fairly consistently. I am not allowed to quote amazon prices on this site, but you can easily see the current pricing for the Razor MX650 on Amazon here. There’s nothing like finding a great quality bike for a cheaper price!

How safe is this bike?

I would consider most electric bikes super safe for kids of various ages. The Razor MX650, in particular, has some awesome features that will help keep your kid safe without boring their 11-year-old mind.

Here are a few basic features that contribute to your kid’s safety while they’re riding this bike:

Low Max Speed:

Speed is one of the leading factors that can get a kid on a dirt bike in serious trouble. The faster a bike is going, the harder it can be to control. Razor fixes that problem with the bike’s low max speed of 17 mph.

Now, 17 mph may sound super slow, especially when you compare it to driving at 17 mph in a car. But, when on a small bike, 17 mph actually feels pretty fast and is just enough speed to add excitement while maintaining control. Altogether, I’d say this is an excellent speed in my book for any 11-year-old rider.

Front & Rear Disc Brakes:

A lot of youth electric dirt bikes only have one set of brakes–either the front or back brakes. But, in reality, bigger dirt bikes have both the front and rear brakes for optimum stopping power. That’s what I like so much about the Razor MX650 model.

The Razor MX650 has both front and rear disc brakes that are built for slowing and stopping when your kid needs to. What goes up must come down, and what speeds up must slow down eventually, right? Let’s do it the safe way with both front and rear brakes.

Adjustable Riser Handlebars:

Every kid is different–in personality, in wants, in size. And their size changes rapidly the more they grow. This is where the adjustable riser handlebars come into play.

Whether your kid is just starting out on the Razor MX650 or has grown quite a bit since they first got it, the adjustable riser handlebars on this bike create a comfortable fit for your young rider throughout their growing-up years while they are out on the hills, track, or in the neighborhood.

Is this an appropriate bike for your 11-year-old?

So, if you’re still a little unsure about this dirt bike, you’re probably asking, “Is this an appropriate dirt bike for my 11-year-old son or daughter in particular?” I have a few suggestions for you to consider about this bike.

For one, this bike has a short battery life of about 40 minutes of continuous riding. So, take a moment to think about your kid and how often and how long you think they will ride this bike.

For some kids, they just want a bike for riding around the neighborhood or to a friend’s house. If this is the case with your kid, I’d say this bike is a great choice for them.

On the other hand, some kids want a dirt bike for trail riding or getting on the race track. If that’s the case with your kid, I suggest getting a bike that either has a longer battery life or is gas-powered. No one wants to be stranded with a bike that won’t start up again.

Kuberg Young Rider Cross Dirt Bike

Kuberg is a European company that produces top-notch electric dirt bikes for youngsters. The Kuberg Young Rider Cross Dirt Bike is one of my favorites in Kuberg’s group for its quality, features, and look.

If you’re interested in learning more about this bike, you can find it on Kuberg’s website here.

What’s the bike’s price?

The Kuberg Young Rider Cross dirt bike costs about $2,000. When I first discovered this electric bike, I was surprised by the price. It costs about the same amount as a gas-powered dirt bike! Why not just buy one of those instead?

But, as I’ve looked more closely into this electric dirt bike, I’ve become more and more impressed with its features and quality that make it a worthy opponent for your child’s love.

How safe is this bike?

Kuberg designers and manufacturers have put a lot of thought into their Young Rider dirt bikes in order to ensure optimal safety for young riders. Here are a few of the great features that help your kid stay safe while riding:

3 Top Speed Settings:

Okay, I think this is a super cool safety feature that allows kids to get used to riding at higher speeds a little bit at a time. The Kuberg Young Rider Cross dirt bike has three top speed settings that can be set to help your youngster learn how to control the bike without having to worry about going too fast by accident.

The bike has a total top speed of 17 mph, which is a great final speed that will still allow your kid to have lots of safe fun even after they have become comfortable riding the bike.

Safety Kill Switch:

The safety kill switch is also a great feature, despite its ominous name. The bike comes with a kill switch attached to the bike. When the switch is pulled out the bike immediately loses power.

Why would your kid need this? Well, say your kid falls off the bike for some reason. Falling can leave them a little scraped up, but if the kill switch has been removed, at least the bike isn’t wheeling around like crazy without a rider to control where it goes. The safety kill switch makes it so that while your kid’s down, the bike’s down, too.

Hydraulic Brake System:

The hydraulic brake system, applied to the front and the rear of the bike, is an effective system that enables your kid to slow down when he or she needs to. With unexpected terrain or obstacles, these brakes do a great job at responding quickly to your kid’s needs while out riding on an adventure.

Is this an appropriate fit for your 11-year-old?

This bike is a little high-tech and has lots of cool features, but is it an appropriate fit for your 11-year-old? I’d say yes. Here’s why:

Whether your kid is a beginner or has more experience riding, this bike offers great adjustments for any stage of riding. The adjustable top-speed helps you keep your kid safe while they learn, and it will give them a little more challenge as needed in their riding career.

This bike is also built for longer rides and awesome durability through it all. The Kuberg Young Rider Cross dirt bike has a battery life of two hours, which is definitely enough time for a fun ride on the trails with you without having to cut the ride short due to a dead battery.

Kawasaki KX65 Dirt Bike

Kawasaki has done an excellent job at producing high-quality dirt bikes for all ages and experiences. The Kawasaki KX65 dirt bike is a great example of a bike for an 11-year-old to gain more experience riding a gas-powered machine while staying safe.

If you’re interested in looking at more of the specs about this bike, you can find it on Kawasaki’s website here.

What’s the bike’s price?

The 2020 model of the Kawasaki KX65 dirt bike costs about $3,700. Filled with great features and so much potential for riding, this bike is definitely one to consider for your young rider who’s ready for a little more of a challenge to ride on.

How safe is this bike?

Uni-Trak Single Shock System:

The suspension of a bike is a big deal when it comes to the overall comfort and safety that a rider experiences while riding. The Kawasaki KX65 dirt bike has the Uni-Trak Single Shock system in place for its suspension.

This system offers adjustable spring preload and rebound damping for those bumpy trails and high jumps your young rider goes over. This great suspension protects the bike, and the rider’s body, from impact energy while riding.

Front and Rear Disc Brakes:

Effective and reliable brakes make a huge difference, I’d even say a difference between fun and injury, when riding any vehicle, especially dirt bikes. The front and rear disc brakes offer reliable stopping power whenever your young rider needs it while on the track or out trail riding. No tree-hugging with these brakes in place!

Reasonable Fuel Capacity:

Fuel capacity is another big feature worth throwing in here because of all it entails. When you’re out riding with your youngster and having a great time, the last thing you want is to turn around super early because your kid’s dirt bike is running out of gas.

The Kawasaki KX65 has a fuel capacity of one gallon, which should allow you and your youngster to have plenty of fun without having to turn in early for the night.

Plus, if you need to get home quickly, a good-sized gas tank with plenty of fuel will make the process much safer and a whole lot less stressful.

Is this an appropriate bike for your 11-year-old?

Gas dirt bikes can be a little tricky when you’re determining which one to buy for your 11-year-old rider. Here are a few things to consider about this bike from Kawasaki:

First things first, this bike doesn’t have any throttle adjusters, and it does include a manual clutch. These are two aspects that are common in bigger dirt bikes. But, if your kid still needs some practice with the basics of riding and steering, I’d say a different bike would better suit them.

This bike, however, is a great option for a young rider who has some experience already and is ready for the next step to challenge them and help them grow in their dirt bike riding abilities.

One more thing. The Kawasaki KX65 has a seat height of 29.9 inches, which should fit most 11-year-olds just fine. But I would say it’s always a good idea to have your kid sit on the bike and take a small ride on it to make sure it fits them well.

Suzuki RM85 Dirt Bike

Suzuki is another great dirt bike company that produces awesome products for riders of all ages and experience levels. The Suzuki RM85 dirt bike is a great option for your 11-year-old rider who is looking for a more mature bike to ride.

You can find out more information about this bike on Suzuki’s website here.

What’s the bike’s price?

The 2019 model of the Suzuki RM85 dirt bike costs about $4,200. I would say that this bike is definitely built for more experienced riders, thus matching bigger bikes’ price range, and it’s worth checking out for your young rider who’s ready for a bigger challenge.

How safe is this bike?

This bike from Suzuki is definitely built for a more experienced rider, but it contains some great features that make it a great bike for an 11-year-old rider who wants to step up their game and increase their riding skills. Here are a few features that make this a great bike to transition to:

Smooth Shifting Six-Speed Transmission:

Often times, shifting gears can be a bit of a challenge when first getting comfortable with the process, especially if the gears are super sticky and hard to move.

The six-speed transmission on the Suzuki RM85 is a lot smoother and easier to adjust to while learning how it operates. No need to panic about stuck gears, because the Suzuki RM85’s transmission is built to operate smoothly.

Easy-to-Access Clutch:

The clutch on the Suzuki RM85 is long and super easy to locate while riding. This is an especially nice feature for riders gaining more experience using a clutch as they don’t have to look too hard to find and access the clutch in the first place; therefore, they can keep their eyes focused on the track or trail.

Textured Surface on Seating:

The Suzuki RM85 has a brand new seat. But besides being new and shiny, this seating has a greater purpose. Made of a textured surface on the sides, the seat offers great traction and grip for the rider’s knees to grip onto while riding.

Not only does this decrease chances of fall off the bike, but it also offers more stability and control to the rider while riding and turning at various speeds.

Is this an appropriate bike for your 11-year-old?

This bike isn’t for every 11-year-old, but it just might be what your more experienced 11-year-old is looking for.

The Suzuki RM85 is a mature bike with some mature features that are typically only seen on adult dirt bikes. But, if your youngster is ready to move on from more junior bikes, this just might be the right bike to upgrade onto.

The only other aspect I’d suggest considering besides your kid’s experience is their height. The Suzuki RM85 has a seat height of 33.5 inches. This is relatively tall for some 11-year-olds, so I would make sure that your kid can comfortably and easily hold up the bike with at least one foot on the ground while they are sitting in riding position.

Big dirt bikes are not always bad for younger kids, but their comfort controlling the bike and their experience level should definitely be considered.

Yamaha TT-R110E Dirt Bike

Yamaha produces great dirt bikes for youth for their first stages of learning on up to bigger bikes. The Yamaha TT-R110E is a great dirt bike for 11-year-olds who are just starting out or who are seeking more riding experience.

You can find more detailed specs for this bike on Yamaha’s website here.

What’s the bike’s price?

The 2020 model of the Yamaha TTR-110E costs about $2,300. This is honestly one of the more reasonably priced bikes for youth beginners, but it’s always a good idea to check if an owner is selling this bike for a cheaper price than brand new bikes cost.

How safe is this bike?

This bike has some awesome safety features ready for a mature young rider to take advantage of while improving their riding skills. Here are some great features for you to consider:

Auto-Clutch Transmission:

Often times, while kids are first learning to ride a dirt bike, the clutch can give them a little bit of trouble as they get more comfortable steering and keeping balance. So, the auto-clutch transmission on this bike definitely makes this bike a great learning tool for your young rider.

The bike has four gears that are easily accessed and shifted. These allow your young rider to get used to shifting gears without the complication of a clutch quite yet.

Low Seat Height:

The bike has a low seat height of 26.4 inches, which can fit most 11-year-old kids who want to ride this bike. Not only does a low seat height of this bike form Yamaha make it accessible to kids of different heights, but it also gives kids plenty of room to stand and move while riding the bike.


Now, here’s a feature that you will likely appreciate more than your 11-year-old. The keyed-ignition on the bike means that the bike cannot be started without the key.

So, if you don’t want your 11-year-old riding while your not home, you simply have to remove the key on the bike and they won’t be able to start it up without your return with the key.

Is this an appropriate bike for your 11-year-old?

I think that this bike is definitely appropriate for most 11-year-olds who have a little more experience or who are mature enough and willing to learn to ride.

The only problem I can think of that an 11-year-old might have with this bike is if they are on the taller side. Everyone is a little different, so if your kid is on the taller side for his or her age, I suggest having them try out the bike to make sure they are not too cramped riding it before you make the final purchase.

Honda CRF110F Dirt Bike

Honda is one of the most well-known dirt bike companies that produce quality bikes–large and small. Here, we’ll talk about one of the mid-range youth dirt bikes from Honda: the Honda CRF110F.

You can find more information about this bike on Honda’s website here.

What’s the bike’s price?

The 2020 model of the Honda CRF110F costs about $2,400 new, but it’s always worth a shot looking for this bike being sold on sites such as Cycle Trader and Craigslist.

How safe is this bike?

This bike is exceptionally safe for young riders who are first starting out in the sport or who are looking for a bigger bike than one they have previously been riding. Here are three major safety features that are included on this bike:

Adjustable Throttle Limiter:

One of the big aspects of learning how to dirt bike ride is the throttle, and the throttle can cause a lot of problems if you’re not used to controlling it yet. That’s where the adjustable throttle limiter comes in handy for youth learning to ride.

The adjustable throttle limiter makes it possible for you to limit how far your 11-year-old can turn the throttle, and, therefore, how fast they can ride. With the throttle limiter adjusted the way it’s needed, you and your kid won’t have to worry so much about your kid losing control of the bike when they twist the throttle a little too far.

Backup Kickstarter:

A lot of dirt bikes now days have electric starts instead of kickstarts. Now, there’s a lot of debate as to which is better, but the backup kickstarter on the Honda CRF110F gives a happy medium between the two.

For the most part, your kid will probably start the Honda CRF110F with the electric start. And why not? It’s easy and gets them on the trails quickly. But, if you’re worried about the electric start failing, the bike includes a backup kickstarter that will get the bike going if nothing else will.

Automatic Clutch:

The automatic clutch is also another great feature for your 11-year-old learning how to dirt bike. While your young rider gets used to balancing on the bike, steering and such, they don’t have to worry about a more complicated clutch while riding.

Instead, they can use their foot to shift through the four gears on the bike; therefore, making the process smoother and simpler while they get the hang of riding.

Is this an appropriate bike for your 11-year-old?

This bike is appropriate for most 11-year-old dirt bikes riders, beginner or a little more advanced. The automatic clutch makes shifting gears on the bike smooth and easy.

The adjustable throttle limiter allows you to slowly adjust the speed where your kid needs it for comfortable, fun, and safe riding even as they gain more experience.

The bike has a seat height of 25.9 inches. Once again, it’s always a good idea to make sure that the bike will fit your kid well, because a bike that’s too big or too small can cause more of a hazard than anything else.

But if the bike fits, I’d say this is a fantastic bike for your 11-year-old to try out, and they won’t be disappointed by this reliable machine.

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