Best Dirt Bikes for 9-Year-Olds: A Detailed Guide with Pricing

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Dirt biking is an awesome sport to get involved with, especially at a young age when it can teach such skills as responsibility and attentiveness. What better time to learn these skills and participate in this sport than when your kid is nine years old?

Here are some great dirt bikes that will help your young rider learn how to ride safely and still have lots of fun.

Dirt BikeAverage Price (New)
1. Mototec 24V Kids Electric Bike$640
2. Razor MX350 Dirt RocketSee Price on Amazon
3. Kuberg Cross Electric Motocross Bike$2,000
4. Coolster 70cc Mini Pro PitSee Price on Amazon
5. KTM 65 SX $5,000
6. Honda CRF110F $2,400
7. Yamaha TT-R110E $2,300

Below, we’ll talk about each of these mentioned bikes, their prices, and the features that make them great for many nine-year-olds.

1. Mototec 24V Kids Electric Dirt Bike

Mototec is a popular youth electric dirt bike company that continues to impress. A few great aspects of electric dirt bikes is that they are generally easy to maintain, they make less noise than a gas bike, and they are a lot easier for beginning riders to control. The Mototec 24V Kids Electric Dirt Bike is no exception to these awesome aspects.


You can find this bike for about $640 on Walmart’s website (which you can see here), but I’ve noticed a sale going on right now that prices it at about $440. Either price is dramatically cheaper than most gas bikes, but be sure to check for any good deals going on.

Safety Features:

Safety is key to having fun in any sport, especially when your kid is involved with the sport. This bike has three main safety features that I want to point out to you:

  • Limited high-speed lock
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Overall lightweight

The limited high-speed is a great setting to help your kid stay safe while learning and riding. The bike has three high-speed settings 5, 10, and 16 miles per hour. You can lock the speed at any of these three with the bike’s key lock so that your kid can get used to controlling the bike and balancing before they go too fast.

The front and rear disc brakes are a huge help. When your kid needs to slow down, they will have lots of support from the bike to do so without lots of trouble.

The bike has an overall weight of about 65-70 pounds. With such a lightweight, your kid should not have too much difficulty getting the bike back up if it should tip over.

Why this Bike is Appropriate for Your 9-Year-Old

I would say that this bike is definitely appropriate for your 9-year-old if they are just starting out in the sport or if they just want a fun ride for around the yard, neighborhood, or near your campsite.

It’s definitely a good place to start learning how to balance and can be lots of fun even after your young rider has gotten comfortable riding it.

2. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor is another fantastic company with high-quality electric dirt bikes that are great for your nine-year-old to learn on and have lots of fun riding. What I really like about the Razor MX350 is that this bike has just enough power for your kid to have fun riding it without getting into too much trouble.

If you want to find more information about this bike from Razor, you can find it on Razor’s website here.


This bike is available on Amazon (see its current price on Amazon here). This is about the least expensive electric dirt bike we will talk about here. So, if your young rider is just wanting to try out the sport or have something fun to ride around the neighborhood or on the dirt, this bike is a cheaper investment than many other bikes.

Safety Features:

Safety is a big deal when it comes to dirt biking. This bike is honestly a toned-down version of some other electric dirt bikes I’ve seen, but it’s got some awesome safety features that still allow your kid to have lots of fun riding this bike.

  • Top speed of 14 mph
  • Hand-operated rear brake
  • Knobby tires

The overall top speed on this bike is 14 miles per hour. While that may seem slow in a car, that’s pretty fast on a small electric bike. But don’t worry; it’s fast enough for your kid to have fun and slow enough for them to stay in control while riding.

The hand-operated rear brake is an awesome feature on this bike. When I was riding my own regular bike as a kid and was riding too fast, the most natural thing for me to do was to grab the hand brake on my bike to slow down. Why would it be any different for a kid on an electric dirt bike? This brake allows your young rider to easily come to a stop when they need to.

The knobby tires are an excellent addition to this bike’s assets as they increase the bike’s traction on unstable ground. This helps keep your child safe and stable on the bike as well as safe to go on whatever adventures they desire.

Why this Bike is Appropriate for Your 9-Year-Old

This bike is super good for beginning riders. I’d say it will best fit a smaller nine-year-old simply because the bike itself is on the smaller side; however, a bigger kid will be able to have fun on this bike, too.

The main thing that I would ask you to consider is that the battery life on this bike has a max of 30 minutes. Now, depending on how much your kid is going to ride this bike, the total battery time might be a problem or be just enough.

After all, kids (at least the ones I know) get distracted pretty fast while they are on adventures, so they may not ride the bike consistently for a whole 30 minutes. Just think about how your kid will use the bike to see if it will be a good fit in size and use for them.

3. Kuberg Cross Electric Motocross Bike

Kuberg is on the higher end of electric dirt bike companies and for good reason. The Kuberg Cross Electric MX Bike is an awesome example of the superb measures taken by Kuberg in order to produce a safe, durable, and fun bike for your kid to ride on lost of different terrain.

If you’re interested in more information about this bike, you can find it on Kuberg’s website here.


The price of this bike is between $2,000-$2,300 depending on sales going on. It’s definitely on the high-end of price as well as quality, but if you’re looking for an electric dirt bike that’s going to last longer than others, this is an awesome bike to consider.

Safety Features:

This bike has some awesome safety features that will ensure your young rider has lots of fun riding without getting into unnecessary danger. Here are a few of the major safety features that are included on this bike:

  • Three, selectable top speeds
  • Safety kill switch
  • Overall lightweight

Usually, when it comes to kids first learning how to dirt bike, parents are most concerned with their kids riding too fast. That’s where this feature really sticks out on the list.

The bike has three top speeds (the highest being about 17 mph) that adults can adjust in order to keep their child at a speed they can comfortable learn and ride at until they are ready for a faster speed.

The safety kill switch is also an awesome and unique feature that gives me comfort when I think of a nine-year-old kid on a dirt bike. To put it simply, the kill switch with a wristband attached will immediately stop the motor when the switch is pulled out.

So, if you’re kid’s riding too fast, the brakes are not working, or your kid falls off the bike, the motor will stop. This will help keep your kid safe before any worse accident can occur.

The overall lightweight of an electric bike is always a plus. The Kuberg Cross bike has an overall weight of about 73 pounds, which your child shouldn’t have too much trouble lifting upright if the bike tips over.

Why this Bike is Appropriate for Your 9-Year-Old

I think that this bike is definitely appropriate for a nine-year-old to ride. I honestly think it’s one of the safer electric bikes that will last a kid a few years as they can grow into higher speeds.

This bike is definitely more expensive than other electric bikes. But, if your child will ride it for a few years, I think it will be well worth the purchase as it will allow your kid to have lots of fun while staying safe even after they gain more experience riding.

4. Coolster 70cc Mini Pro Pit Dirt Bike

Coolster has some awesome youth gas dirt bikes like this 70cc Mini Pro Pit dirt bike that’s totally worth taking a look at for your nine-year-old rider. If you’re wanting to get your kid on a beginner dirt bike, this Coolster bike is a good place to start.


The cost of this bike varies depending on where you get it, but you can see the current pricing of the Coolster 70cc Mini Pro Pit dirt bike on Amazon here.

All things considering, even the highest price in this range is cheaper than a lot of other gas dirt bikes. But, if you can find it for a solid deal, then all the better for you.

Safety Features:

This bike from Coolster has very little risk and a whole lot of fun for beginning riders. Here are a few features that contribute to your kid’s safety while riding this dirt bike:

  • Front and rear drum brakes
  • 4 gears, no clutch
  • Low seat height

The front and rear drum brakes are great additions to helping your kid slow down when they need to. The brakes, copies of brakes on a Honda CRF, also help your kid get a real feel for what a more serious dirt bike feels like. So, you could definitely say that this dirt bike from Coolster helps “brake” in your kid’s skills.

Another great feature for this beginner bike is that it has no clutch, but a simple gear shifting system. This system allows your child to keep their hands on the handlebars and helps them focus on riding without too much complication while they are learning.

The only issue with the gear shifting that reviewers have complained about is that you have to shift down to get all four gears instead of one down and three up like most other dirt bikes. This just makes it so that kids have to learn a different shifting system when they upgrade bikes.

The seat height of this bike is 24.5 inches. A lower seat height not only ensures that your kid can touch the ground for stability, but it also gives your kid more room to move around for turning and standing up while on the bike, giving them more control while riding.

Why this Bike is Appropriate for Your 9-Year-Old

I would definitely say that this bike is very appropriate for a nine-year-old kid learning how to ride a dirt bike. With a top speed of 30+ mph, a strong brake system, and no clutch to worry about, this bike will help your young rider gain great riding experience in a safe, more mature way.

Of course, with all dirt bike riding, it’s suggested that your child is supervised while out riding to make sure they have the support and help they need while they are learning.

5. KTM 65 SX Dirt Bike

KTM is one of the leading companies that produce professional dirt bikes. The 65 SX is one of the company’s youth dirt bikes that’s got quite a kick but still plenty of safety.

If your nine-year-old already has a lot of experience and is ready for a dirt bike upgrade, this is a dirt bike you’ll want to look into. You can find more information about this bike on KTM’s website here.


This bike from KTM costs a little over $5,000. So, it’s definitely one of the more expensive gas dirt bikes on this list. If you’re thinking, “Maybe not, that’s a bit expensive,” just consider that you will get several years out of this bike because it will offer a little more of a challenge for your kid.

Of course, it’s always good to look on sites such as Cycle Trader or Auto Trader to see if someone is selling a used bike. After all, when a child has grown out of a dirt bike, parents typically try and sell them for that reason alone and not necessarily because there’s something majorly wrong with it. Just make sure that you take a close look and test drive the bike before you and over the money.

Safety Features:

This bike is built for higher speeds and stability, but there are plenty of great safety features ready for the rider’s use. Here are three major features that contribute to the rider’s overall safety while riding:

  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Kickstart
  • Chromoly steel frame

The front and rear disc brakes are, of course, vital to the rider’s safety while out on the track or on trails. The KTM 65 SX bike is built to be a fast bike and a safe one for a kid to ride and control, making the experience a good one.

The kickstart is a good feature to consider, especially since so many bikes made now days have electric starts instead of kickstarts. The kickstart on this bike, although not as convenient, ensures that your kid can get the bike going wherever they are without worry of a dead battery leaving them stranded.

The frame of a bike plays a major role in the bike’s stability and overall weight. The KTM 65 SX has a frame made of Chromoly steel, which creates optimum stability as well as allows superior cornering and control.

The material is also lightweight. Although the bike’s total weight is about 160 pounds with all necessary gear on, the Chromoly steel frame definitely makes the bike lighter than most other materials would.

Why this Bike is Appropriate for Your 9-Year-Old

I would say that this bike is most appropriate for a nine-year-old who’s got some more experience riding dirt bikes under their belt but not for a kid who is just starting out in the sport.

Altogether, this bike has got enough challenge to bring your kid’s dirt biking skills to the next level.

6. Honda CRF110F Dirt Bike

Honda is well-known for its super reliable and high-quality bikes for all ages and experience levels–adults and kids, experts and beginners. The great thing about the Honda CRF110F is that it’s a fantastic transition bike between a beginner bike and an advanced bike.

If you’re interested in finding more information about this model, you can find it on Honda’s website here.


The 2020 model of the Honda CRF110F costs about $2,400 new. So this bike is definitely on the cheaper side of the spectrum for a non-electric bike. Despite having a relatively reasonable price, I’d suggest looking for a used model that’s being sold.

The great thing that I’ve noticed about these youth Honda dirt bikes is that they are super durable, and you can find them being sold in good condition by owners whose kids have simply grown out of them. It’s definitely worth looking into.

Safety Features:

Honda puts a lot of thought into the safety features on their bikes–especially on their youth dirt bikes. The safety features on the CRF110F are designed to keep your kid safe while they are learning and getting comfortable on a bigger bike.

Here are three of the bike’s major safety features that are important to look into:

  • Adjustable throttle limiter
  • Backup kick-starter
  • Keyed ignition

Whether your young rider is prone to cranking the throttle all the way back out of thrill or sheer panic, the adjustable throttle limiter is a great way for you to control how fast they can go while they are getting comfortable controlling the bike.

Although the bike does have an electric start, it also comes with a backup kick-starter. This is a great feature that ensures that you and your kid can start up the bike whatever the weather, bike battery-life, or circumstance. There’s no need to be stranded in the wild with a hunk of heavy metal.

The keyed ignition is a great way for you to ensure that your kid is not riding the bike when they’re not supposed to and that no one else can start up the bike while you’re away from home. No key, no startup. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about your kid riding without supervision.

Why this Bike is Appropriate for Your 9-Year-Old

I would definitely consider this bike appropriate for a nine-year-old. Not only is it a great bike for most nine-year-olds in size, but it’s also a great bike that will help them transition as they gain more experience.

For beginning riders, the adjustable throttle limiter can ensure that they are not able to ride faster than they can handle. Likewise, as they gain more experience and are more comfortable with the bike, the adjustable throttle limiter can be adjusted so that your kid has a little more leeway to ride at their own pace.

7. Yamaha TT-R110E Dirt Bike

Yamaha is another great company that produces awesome dirt bikes for adults and kids alike. The Yamaha TTR-110E is a great trail bike to consider for your nine-year-old rider who’s looking for something fun to ride in the wild outdoors.

If you’re interested in finding more information about this bike, you can find it on Yamaha’s website here.


The 2020 model of the Yamaha TTR-110E costs about $2,300 new. This is definitely a reasonable price for this bike’s quality, but, if you can find a used model in good condition, I would definitely suggest going for a cheaper bargain.

Safety Features:

Yamaha has put some awesome safety features on this bike that improve your young rider’s safety and comfort during their riding and learning experiences in the dirt biking sport. Here are a few of these features:

  • Low seat height
  • Grippy footpegs
  • Keyed ignition

The Yamaha TTR-110E has a seat height of 26.4 inches. This great lower height will help your kid feel comfortable on the bike whether they are riding or stagnant.

As far as height goes with any dirt bike that your kid rides, I suggest having your kid try out the bike before the final purchase in order to make sure their feet can touch the ground okay while they are on the bike.

The grippy footpegs are another great feature that adds to the overall safety of your child while riding. These footpegs make it easier for your kid’s feet to stay on the pegs while riding whatever the weather or conditions. Whether your kid is riding on a muddy trail or in the rain or snow, they will be stable on this bike.

The keyed ignition is another great feature that I’m sure you, as the adult, will like more than your young rider will. The keyed ignition allows you to take out the bike’s key while you’re away so that your kid can’t go ride the bike without your supervision or permission.

Why this Bike is Appropriate for Your 9-Year-Old

I would say that this bike is very appropriate for nine-year-olds who have a little more experience riding. Most especially, though, I would consider this a good bike for a taller nine-year-old kid.

Although size doesn’t necessarily trump experience, your kid will be a whole lot more comfortable (and safer) riding if they can hold up the bike on their own while sitting on top of it.

Other than that, the safety features on this bike contribute well to helping your kid have an awesome and safe time riding as they gain more experience.


The most important thing to consider when buying a dirt bike for your nine-year-old is that they are able to have lots of fun while staying safe and comfortable. And there are lots of dirt bikes out there that are super appropriate for nine-year-olds to ride.

As your child grows, you can be sure that you’ll find great dirt bikes to meet your kid’s growing body and experience level. Just take a look around and try it out.

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