Best LED Light Bars for a Dirt Bike

We’ve all been there. The sun’s going down, and you still have the urge to continue dirt biking. But if you’re going to be riding at night, it’s critical for you to have good lighting, and the best lighting available comes from LED lights. Here’s the lowdown about the best-LED light bars out there for your dirt bike…

When you’re considering what type of LED light bar to add to your bike, there are a few features to consider: 1) Length, 2) Wattage, 3) Lumens.

MICTUNING MIC-5DP30, SR-Mini Series 30W Single Row Cree LED Light Bar Combo Spot Flood 2700 lm, 400m Visibility, 8” L


The Mictuning light has a length of 8 inches. If you mount the light with the brackets it turns out to be 8.5 inches and 7.5 inches without the brackets. Full dimensions are 8″ x 3.1″ x 1.6″.


This light has 30 watts, which is the unspoken minimum requirement for these types of lights.


The light powers a total of 2700 lumens, making the light exceptionally bright. It has a strong light for being a lower priced light bar. It’s bright enough that people are able to use them on their trucks and other vehicles. Well honestly 2700 lumens for a light that uses 30 watts of power is nothing too special, but the price is not too bad all things considered.

Other Features:

This light is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, which are all very important features that will protect your light in whatever environmental conditions you’re riding in.

It comes with a two-set stainless steel mounting brackets which allow two styles that are easy to install yourself. The aluminum fan design allows heat to escape from the light to minimize overheating. That’s one less thing to worry about on your ride. Click here to buy it on Amazon

Baja Designs 45-1003 OnX6 10 inch LED Light Bar – Driving ComboT


This light is a little longer 10 inches and offers a brighter CREE LED light, which is some of the best-LED lights out there.


The 10 inch light is powered by 63 watts. This is double the wattage of most lights, so you’re dealing with tons of hours of night driving guaranteed.


With a whopping 7,350 lumens, this light is 50% brighter than the original. There will be no surprise bumps or ditches before you on your ride with this spotlight! It shines with white instead of blue light.

Other Features:

This powerful light includes replaceable lenses and optics. It also features moisture block, so, whether rain or puddle that you ride in, the light will hold out without taking in potentially destructive moisture. Click Here to find it on Amazon

Penetrator LED 630 Series Dirt Bike Headlight Kit


The length of this light is 8 inches. People have said that of the many 8″ lights they’ve used, the Penetrator is by far the best.


This light has 30 watts. That’s 100 lumens per watt. The light stays bright for even the longest off-roading trips. This light has lasted through Starvation Ridge, a 24-hour trip, without fail.


The total lumens from this LED light are 3000. The combo beam on this light’s pattern is 2×25 at the ends of the light and 4×10 in the center.

Other Features:

The Penetrator LED 630 is made of 6061 aluminum. It has a polycarbonate lens and is DC powered by the bike or battery packs. The great thing about LED lights is that they use up less power so this light won’t drain your bike. The light is also electronically thermal managed. Here is a distributor of these awesome lights.

LED Light Bar Nilight 12 Inch 72W Spot Flood Combo

The LED Nilight is one that is great not only for dirt bikes but also for a wide variety of other vehicles. If you are anything like me, I always want the best for my dirt bike. What that means is, in 8 months when I see a new light bar that I like better, I can mount it on my bike and just repurpose this one on my Jeep.


12 inches (surprise)

It is a little bit big but I know plenty of guys who have used it on their bikes and as they say, the bigger the better!


72 watts meaning this is pretty energy-hungry. Really that isn’t a problem for most but it’s important to mention. 12 inches is pretty long, and your range of vision will show because of the increased watts and length.


4790 lumens is a lot. Probably more than you will really need unless you are trying to blind people.

Other Features:

The Nilight is super bright and it includes adjustable brackets.  

Another feature that I love about this light is the Aluminum alloy heat sinks that help keep the heat low.  A lot of these super powerful lights tend to heat up pretty quick which can take away a significant portion of the life span.

Rigidhorse LED Light Bar 2pcs 7 inch 36W

These lights actually come in a two pack, meaning you can mount both or give the extra to a friend.

As you have seen I’m all for Amazon.  I love how convenient it is to order and then have a package on my doorstep the next day.  Not to mention the great return policies! Rigidhorse LED products are really good. I am confident enough in their products that I actually have bought them used before!

These two 7 inch lights are a pretty good light for their size.  I would suggest this if you are pretty serious about lighting up your bike. The price of this light is considerably higher than the ones that I’ve mentioned already, but it is worth it.


Two seven inch bars, meaning a total of 14 inches of lights.

Total wattage

36 watts. (Pretty standard)

Raw Lumens

4000 Lumens is pretty good for a low wattage and low length light bar, and if you mount both you are looking at 8000 lumens!

Other Features

This light is the kind you want for any extreme adventure.  Rigidhorse has put all of its products through extreme testing to ensure the quality of all their products.  

Their products have been tested as waterproof, resistance of high temperatures, pressures and as they put it, “brute force.”

They offer both a  spot beam and a flood beam pattern depending on what you need.

All of the people who I know that have purchased this light bar have been extremely pleased with their purchase. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.

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