Can a Dirt Bike Fit in the Bed of a Toyota Tacoma?

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Are you worried you two-stroke or four-stroke dirt bike won’t fit in the bed of your Toyota Tacoma? No need to worry, this article will tell you all you need to know about length and depth in order to know if it does.

Most dirt bikes that are under 250 cc will fit in the short bed of a Toyota Tacoma, being at a length under five and a half feet for the dirt bike. Dirt bikes that are 450cc are, on average, seven feet long, which is a foot longer than the bed of this truck.

In order to know more about how long dirt bikes are and the bed lengths of the Toyota Tacoma in order to fit the dirt bike in, keep reading!

The Length of a Short and Long Bed on a Toyota Tacoma

When going to purchase a truck, like anything else in the world, they are customizable. One could get a regular/standard cab, or even an extended cab, and pair it with a long or short bed, making the truck fit their needs. Most any make and model of truck comes in two different lengths of bed, either short or long, and some even come with longer lengths, but not for the Toyota Tacoma. For most trucks just purchased off of a lot, they will come in the short/standard length, which is average.

For a Toyota Tacoma, a short bed is a length of five feet, and the long bed is six feet. (These lengths are with the tailgate up.) This not only goes for older models/versions of Toyota Tacoma’s but also for the 2019 edition of the Tacoma. As stated before, in order to get a long bed, it may be something that would have to be custom purchased in order to fit larger dirt bikes.

Nonetheless, Tacoma beds are not long, according to most standards, as some other pickups have short beds with a length of nearly six feet and long beds with a length of eight feet. With this information in mind, it is important to understand the length of your Tacoma bed, so as to understand what fits comfortably and what needs a trailer.

What is the Average Height and Width of a Dirt Bike?

For a teenage rider, a 125cc bike is average, especially in power and manageability, as there isn’t a lot of power or height to the bike, making it easier to handle and more able to comfortably sit and maneuver it. Because it is designed for younger riders, its height isn’t outrageous, and the length is relatively short for these kinds of dirt bikes. A 125cc dirt bike has dimensions of five and a half feet in length, two and a half feet in width (with handlebars), and three and a half feet from the ground to the top of the seat.

The length of dirt bikes vary as an increase or decrease occurs in the amount of cc in a dirt bike, but there aren’t necessarily large jumps in length with each increase of cc. With a 50cc dirt bike, which is designed for children aged 6 to 9, they are smaller, more of a mini version of a dirt bike, and are just slightly over four feet. With a 450cc dirt bike, they can be as long as seven feet.

In regards to width, a 50cc dirt bike will be a little over two feet, and a 450cc dirt bike is a little over two and a half feet in width. The width of the dirt bikes isn’t great, as the length of arms doesn’t necessarily drastically jump, so the handlebars are relatively close together for comfort and maneuverability for young and experienced riders alike.

Which Size Dirt Bike Fits in the Bed of a Toyota Tacoma?

Now that we understand the length of a Toyota Tacoma bed and the lengths of dirt bikes, in all kinds of cc’s, we can decipher which dirt bikes are best for this particular pickup.

If you own a dirt bike that is over five feet, a short bed Toyota Tacoma is not what you need, as their beds are only five feet in length. Dirt bikes that are better suited for short beds would be something under 125cc. If your ten-year-old son or daughter has a 50cc dirt bike, that would fit comfortably and have the tailgate pulled up securely.

However, if it is legal in your state to have the tailgate down, then it wouldn’t be a problem to have a dirt bike that is five and a half feet long, such as the 125cc dirt bike, would fit with it down, and be simply and easily strapped down in the back.

If you were to own a Toyota Tacoma that has a long bed, which is at a length of six feet, it would better fit a 125cc dirt bike, being at five and a half feet. On the opposite end, however, with a 450cc dirt bike, they are a little over seven feet, which definitely does not fit in this pickup’s bed.

If your dirt bike is larger, it would be best to get a trailer, especially for something as large as a 450cc dirt bike. Not only is great transportation, but it can also fit two dirt bikes, especially with the varying sizes of trailers and dirt bikes.


If you want to see which “everyday” vehicles such as pickup trucks, SUVs, and vans can fit a dirt bike, see this site’s dirt bike and vehicle fitment guide here!

Is There a Difference in Size Between Two-Strokes and Four-Strokes?

One would think that the sizing of a two-stroke and a four-stroke would be vastly different, considering their range in power and cc. Wouldn’t the name constitute its size? However, this is not necessarily the case.

When sizing a two-stroke and a four-stroke, the largest difference is always the engine. For a two-stroke, the engine will be larger because the cylinder for the piston distinguishes it as so, but a four-stroke isn’t necessarily larger because of its name.

When comparing the two side by side, there isn’t a difference between them, except for the size in their engine and the amount of cc that the four-stroke can reach, as it does go higher than a two-stroke, but that doesn’t necessarily differentiate them in size of the entire bike, because there really isn’t a difference. In order to properly measure a dirt bike, look up the make and cc and see the dimensions that it would come with.

Now You Know

No matter the make and model of your Toyota Tacoma, it’s always great to inform yourself of the length of your bed and the length of your dirt bike in order to fit whatever your ride so as to safely transport it to wherever your favorite place is to ride or whatever new adventures you want to trek through.

With this information in mind, measure everything carefully and travel your dirt bikes across the country or across the street so as to continue to adventure.

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