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Do you operate a business related to dirt bikes? By advertising on DBP you can have a laser-targeted audience of dirt bike fanatics directed straight to your products or services.

This website has been running since December 2006 and has steadily increased in traffic numbers since, and it shows no signs of letting up. Below you can see the stats for June 2014 reached almost 75’000 visitors with over 128’000 page views for the month.

“Hey Jim, we’ve been very happy with the results from your site and we’ll certainly consider running another campaign with you next season!

Take care,
Colin Scott – Grip Studs” 
(Advertised on DBP)

You probably found this site by typing in certain keywords on a search engine such as Google. That’s no surprise to me. Go ahead and type in some more dirt bike related keywords and you’ll most likely find this site on the first Google results page too. Most of my pages are found through keyword specific searches, so you can be sure that the majority of visitors on each unique page are actively looking for either information, products or services related to that particular page.

Advertising Methods

  • Banner Ads (In the 3rd column on the RHS) – The best bang for buck as this column is viewed on every page throughout the site. That means your product or company will be exposed to over 137’000 page views p/mth. Send me your 200 x 200 / 250 banner. No Flash at this time. Set prices.
  • Text Links – These can be placed strategically on a chosen page. Text links will be displayed as “Useful Links” and will only be accepted if the link offers value to my visitors. Price by negotiation.
  • Contextual Text Links – If you find a specific keyword or phrase written in my content page that relates well to your site, you can purchase those words as a link. The same rules apply as text links.

By your company advertising on Dirt Bike Tips And Pics I hope to create a win-win-win situation whereby You, Me AND my visitors all benefit from it.

To make an inquiry about advertising with Dirt Bike Planet simply fill in the form below. You may also want to use this Google Search Box to find a page within this site that relates to your particular keywords. Ex. type in “dirt bike insurance” or “dirt bike gear”.

Jim Harmer

I'm the co-owner of Dirt Bike Planet. I live in Star, Idaho and enjoy dirt biking with my wife and two boys throughout the Idaho mountains.

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