Gift Ideas for Dirt Bikers: What we wish you’d buy us

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If you’ve been racking your brain trying to think of some dirt bike gift ideas and you just can’t decide on something, try some of the suggestions below.

Buying presents for other people is usually a painful and frustrating exercise. The good news for you however, is your friend, uncle, brother, sister or whoever you’re looking to buy a present for.. is into dirt bikes, so your search has been narrowed down to ‘dirt bike stuff’ only. Because let’s face it, anything else is just s#!t. Forget about that other unrelated junk. Motocross and dirt biking is expensive enough, and unless the person you have in mind has a factory ride and the whole kit and kaboodle to boot, they probably don’t have anywhere near as much gear or apparel as they’d like.

So whether it’s a Christmas present for one of your kids (courtesy of the jolly ol’ fat man of course), a birthday present for your hubby (you know he doesn’t really want a dressing gown and slippers or another BBQ apron), or just to say ‘thanks’.. have a squiz at these dirt bike gift ideas. There’s bound to be something in here that they’ll like.

On a final note, I’ll share my view on buying presents (I’m not the Grinch but I could be his brother).. a good gift is one that they will like and enjoy. A clever gift however, is one they will like.. AND you both can enjoy ;).

Here is my dirt bike gift idea list..

The Garage Manual eBook

Why? Because it won’t break the bank, it’s unique, you can have it within 5 minutes of reading this, and it’s bloody helpful! Download it and put in the extra effort to print it off and bind it together. And if it’s Christmas time, wrap it in reindeer paper and slip it under the tree. It’ll go down smoother than Santa’s whiskey.  You can pick up the book here.

Good Quality Dirt Bike Boots

Choosing a helmet or jersey can be tricky because it depends so much on their personal preferences, but as long as you know their shoe size, picking dirt bike boots is much easier because they’re usually just black/gray/white so they’ll match whatever jersey they choose.  Dirt bike boots are usually the type of item where people buy cheap $100 boots at first, but a good quality pair of boots is REALLY nice to have.  Check out my recommendations for dirt bike boots here.

12-Month Dirt Bike Magazine Subscription

Why? Brownie points – that’s why. Some riders may not take the time to subscribe but they will love you not only once, but 12 times a year when the mag arrives on their doorstep! Plus you get to read ’em too hence why it’s another one of my clever dirt bike gift ideas.  You can subscribe for really cheap on Amazon.

Action Camera (Best present ever!)

If your dirt riding friend doesn’t already have a GoPro or some other action camera, then that’s probably the very best gift on this list–hands down.  Dirt bikers love recording our rides and replaying the highlights later.

There are three action cameras you should consider:

Why? Because they’re nothing short of amazing! These are not the cheapest of all presents but I don’t believe there would be a rider on this earth that wouldn’t be stoked to own one. This is a guaranteed pleaser. And while you’re at it, do yourself a favor and buy one for you too.

MX Clothing

Why? Because let’s face it, the stuff gets filthy, stained and ripped after a few months and these bloody clothing companies are forever coming out with newer, cooler gear. Just make sure you get the size right. This is not a ‘clever gift’, unless of course you accidentally buy it in your size.

MX Training School

Why? Because it’s a little unexpected, plus the gift involves them riding their bike and learning how to ride faster and better. If the bearer of this gift doesn’t fully appreciate this I would suggest you tell them to take up lawn bowls or rollerblading.

Tickets to a FMX / Supercross Event

Or a Nitro Circus show. Why? I shouldn’t need to tell you by now.. One ticket for them, and one for you.. That sounds like a ‘clever gift’ to me!

Fox Gear Bag

Dirt bike riding requires a lot of protective gear.  If they have their gear in a lame duffle bag or just all over their truck, then a nice gear bag could be a good choice.  This Fox brand bag is nice but a little pricey, or you could get this O’Neal TX2000 one that is a little more reasonably priced.

Personal Action Photo – Framed

Hire a local sports photographer to go out and photograph your favorite dirt rider and then print something EPIC and frame it for them.  Very different, unique, and unexpected gift.

Tool Kit / Bum Bag Kit

Why? So your kids stop pinching all of your own tools from the shed! Make sure you buy a quality tool kit because those cheap Chinese tools are more fragile than your Grandfather’s hips. Oh, plus they come in very handy when repairing your steed.

Dirt Bike Lift Stand

A lift stand is used to easily raise a dirt bike off the ground to protect it when not in use, and more frequently for working on your dirt bike.  Your dirt bike rider probably has just a normal fixed stand.  That’s fine for setting the bike on temporarily, but when they have to change the oil or do any kind of work to the dirt bike, a lift stand is REALLY nice to have.  If you’re looking for something unexpected, but which is sure to be well-liked, then a lift stand is a winner.  I like this lift stand available on Amazon.

Graphics Kit

Why? I know loads of riders who can’t or won’t justify buying new decals for their ride but would giggle like a school girl if they were given to them. Aftermarket graphics are cool.. Full stop.

Camel Pack

This present is one where you’ll need to know just a little bit about how they ride.  If they go to an official dirt bike track and do races, they probably don’t need a camel pack because rides are somewhat shorter and they are near their car.  However, if they go out in the desert or in the mountains, do enduro, or go off-roading, then a camel pack is a GREAT choice for a dirt biker.  Almost all dirt bikers wear camel packs when they go on long rides.  This is the best-selling camel pack on and it’s good quality at a very nice price.

Jim Harmer

I'm the co-owner of Dirt Bike Planet. I live in Star, Idaho and enjoy dirt biking with my wife and two boys throughout the Idaho mountains.

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