Dirt Bike Insurance Costs: We Called 5 Companies and Got Quotes

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There are lots of insurance companies out there that claim they have the best rates or the most coverage. Here, we have compiled a shortlist of some of the quotes we have received to learn for yourself what is the best insurance for your needs.

State Farm$19$213
Liberty Mutual$69$761

These prices are according based on the information for a Honda CRF350R 2018 as well as some personal information. These prices are to help understand the basic prices of dirt bike insurance and is only an example.

To learn more about each of these insurance companies and what they have to offer, continue reading!

Information to Have Before a Quote

The information that we will be giving to you today in regards to the quotes we have received is for a Honda CRF450R 2018 model. This information is strictly to help give an idea of what the cost would be like for dirt bike riders who want to have insurance for their dirt bikes. Keep in mind that all quotes are personalized according to riders, driving history, the place where they live, and what model of dirt bike they choose to ride, so this quote is purely informative and should be taken at face-value for riders regarding insurance for their dirt bikes.

Basically, these are all rough estimates for the dirt bike insurance.

These quotes will be, as mentioned above, for the dirt bikes simply given for informational purposes and is used as a way to gather information to help get an idea on what the average cost would be. The state of Idaho was also used as the primary state of the information given below, which may be subject to change according to the state you may reside in.

There is also a different minimum for coverage on liability in each state. In the state of Idaho, there is a minimum coverage that is $25,000 per person and $50,000 for the total accident. This will change with each state, so it is important to consider this when picking out insurance, which state may have higher rates and minimums than others.

1. Progressive

Progressive offers quotes both online and through a phone call with a representative. This is very helpful in case you’re looking for something quick or something more personalized with a lot of information. It’s also super helpful if you are like to stay away from phone calls (like I usually do).

When first getting on the phone, they will ask a series of questions such as who you are, where you are from, and what the make, model, and year of the dirt bike you are wanting to put insurance on.

After answering a few questions and putting in some driving information, your personalized quote will be presented to you. Considering that we are using a 2018 model of dirt bike, it may be a little more to cover than an older dirt bike.

When getting to the final page regarding all of the information, there are three options given for picking the desired quote based on the type of coverage you would want for your dirt bike. The “choice” coverage that Progressive suggests is a total of $837 a year, or $77.27 for eleven monthly installment payments.

With this coverage, there comes a wide range of things that are great if this dirt bike plans to be a street bike.

In regards to liability, which is bodily harm and property damage, there is $25,000 per person, $50,000 within the accident, and $15,000 in property damages. There is no coverage for uninsured or underinsured dirt bike riders, which means that if someone else who had little to no coverage were to hit you, you do not have to pay anything for or towards them.

With medical payments, there is $2,500 per person that is injured in the accident, but there is no money that goes towards lost wages in the case of an accident.

If your dirt bike were to be completely totaled in an accident, there is also a cash value coverage for the entire dirt bike, which is helpful in case that is your only mode of transportation. For comprehensive coverage, which is paying for things/accidents that are out of your control, there is a $500 deductible. In addition, with each year that you go accident-free, there will be 25% removed from your deductible, all the way down to zero.

There is also a $3,000 accessory coverage for anything extra that you may have added to the dirt bike should it get damaged in an accident.

This insurance option has a lot of perks within its $77 a month option. However, it is one of the more expensive options.

2. State Farm

State Farm also has the option of getting a quote both online and through a representative on the phone, which is both functional and convenient for all people who want to get quotes. They will ask a series of questions similar to all insurance companies before getting you a quote.

The annual premium of this dirt bike is $212.36 for full coverage, which is a fair price considering that the dirt bike we have used as an example is fairly new. With regards to liability. there is also $25,000 per person and $50,000 with the accident. The property damage liability is $25,000. For the medical payments of the person or people injured in the accident is $1,000 per person.

Also including in the State Farm quote is a Physical Damage Package, which is a $500 deductible. What is different and can be both beneficial and vital in the case of another person colliding with you is that there is coverage for uninsured and underinsured drivers, with a $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident.

This package does not cover as much as the Progressive package, but it does offer full coverage and gives other things that the Progressive package doesn’t, but it is also up to preference and what the dirt bike is being used for and what kind of insurance coverage is needed.

3. Geico

As all insurance companies require, they will have each driver plug in the desired information needed to get a sense of what kind of driver is in need of this vehicle and what coverage they may be looking for. These questions are important and give the company a sense of what is needed.

When the final quote comes up, the annual premium is $266.00, which is $27.17 a month. The policy covers the same major things that are important in the case of an accident, but can be easily changed within the quote and can be moved up or down to suit your needs.

When it comes to bodily injury, there is $25,000 per person and $50,000 within the accident. Property damage, which covers damage to the other persons things, is $15,000, but can also be used for your legal defense should you need one. There is $5,000 given for medical payments, and both uninsured and underinsured are given $25,000 per person for medical and such and $50,000 for the accident.

There is also a $100 deductible given for damages and losses that occur to the dirt bike. You can also add collision coverage in case your dirt bike were to fall over or hit something else that was completely unexpected and not anyone’s fault. And there is also an optional accessory coverage between $0 and $2,000.

All of the coverage options that are listed within Geico’s quote are subject to change by the person choosing the type of insurance they want and the coverage they believe is necessary. Each tab also includes information about each tab and what it does. There may be a certain amount of coverage that is needed in your particular state, which should be considered when purchasing insurance for your dirt bike.

4. Allstate

The questions for this particular phone call may be different, as they will ask you about your driving information and license and other kinds of things similar to those that they will ask you over the phone that will help give you a better estimate as to what you would be paying for your dirt bike insurance.

The total annual cost of the dirt bike is $294.26, which can also be monthly for $25.58, which is for full coverage. For bodily injury, there is a $25,000 per person or $50,000 for the accident. There is also a guest liability in case another person were to get injured in the accident. For property damage liability, there is $15,000 for each occurrence. Another added thing that is great for all riders is that there is $25,000 per person or $50,000 for the uninsured or underinsured drivers in the accident.

In regards to the medical payments during the case of an accident, there is $1,000 for each person. There is also offered both motorcycle collision and comprehensive insurance which are both $500, as well as $50 for each disablement of towing and labor.

There are also discounts offered, such as Good Rider Discount and Easy Pay Plan Discount, which can be incredibly beneficial for those who are looking to save money as they continue to be safe riders.

5. Liberty Mutual

In regards to Liberty Mutual, they do not give quotes for dirt bikes online and it is required to call them in order to get a very rough estimate in regards to where you live and what kind of dirt bike you drive.

They do offer liability and full coverage for dirt bikes which will be varying quotes. They do not have as detailed of a portfolio as all of the other insurance companies. Their monthly cost is $69.16, but there was not a definitive full price given. For their liability coverage should anyone be injured in the accident was $25,000 per person with $50,000 for the accident.

There was also a $500 comprehensive deductible for collision, which can be customized and affordable to whatever needs the rider is looking for. Otherwise, there wasn’t a large amount of information given in regards to what was offered and covered with full coverage with Liberty Mutual.

One of the questions that was specifically asked during this phone call was whether this dirt bike would be for street use or not, to which I responded yes. Another question was whether this dirt bike would be used for racing or jumping, to which I answered no.

The way you answer these questions is something else to think about when getting insurance and how this could affect the overall cost.

Overall Cost vs Customer Service

Being able to have affordable dirt bike insurance is important, but also being able to talk to a representative quickly and someone who understands you is important. In the case of an accident and you were to need to call your insurance, it should be done in a timely manner so as not to waste your time. While calling these insurance companies, several had little to no wait times, which is very helpful and a great quality for an insurance company to have. They were all very positive and knew exactly how to help me in order to get the information and quote that I needed.

However, one company that was not as helpful or informative was Liberty Mutual. Considering they do not have a lot of information about their dirt bike insurance and the kinds of things they cover, it was not a surprise the phone call wasn’t as exceptional. The wait time was almost ten minutes before I was able to speak with a representative, and then it was difficult to explain what was being needed in regards to quotes.

Nonetheless, make sure that you are purchasing insurance that is right not only for your budget but for whatever help you need at whatever time you need it.

Dirt Bike Safety Course

When reading through the questions that insurance companies ask, they are looking for information that will help them recognize you as a safe driver in order to give you a better quote. Something that came up on a few of the questionnaires was whether the rider had taken a safety driving course or not. This is something to greatly consider, as it may be required in your state in order to drive a dirt bike.

But, not all insurance companies require this, so it is something that should be individually looked at, as it could just be beneficial to do it for your own safety and even others around you.

Do Dirt Bikes Need Insurance?

This is a common question that many people have, and there is no definite answer. There are some states that require all dirt bikes to be registered and have insurance in the case that they were to injure someone else on a trail and be required to pay for the medical help that the other rider may receive. It is a good thing to consider simply for your own safety, in the case that your bike was to be totaled and you would need a new one not just for personal use but for work.

All states come with their own laws and regulations, which can be looked up online and read thoroughly in order to find out what the state wants exactly from dirt bike riders. But most of the time, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What is the Average Cost of Dirt Bike Insurance?

There is no definite answer to the average cost of dirt bike insurance. While gathering more information on the quotes that were received today, each company offers a wide range of options and prices that can be customizable to the customer with budgets and models of dirt bikes and so forth. There is not necessarily the basis that the more expensive the insurance is the more coverage you have because that is simply not true.

Each state varies in prices, and each state requires different liability rates or minimums than other states, which is something to consider.

Sometimes you can get a better deal on your dirt bike insurance by bundling it with your car insurance, home insurance, or your other “toys”. If you have Progressive for everything else, then it could make them your cheapest option, so keep that in mind.

Overall, it is a good idea to look more into what kinds of insurances cover what. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where do you plan on taking your dirt bike that you may need full coverage in the case of an accident?
  • Is the dirt bike simply for leisure and will never leave your premises?
  • Do you want full coverage?
  • How many bikes are you going to insure?

Your state may require different types of coverage out of you, not only for your own safety but also for the safety of those around you. This can affect the cost of your insurance and what you would have to cover to protect yourself.

Answering your own personal questions and seeing what your state requires for dirt bikes is a great way to get started on the right path toward picking insurance that is right for you. Simply going with cost-effective may not always be the best choice, and won’t necessarily cover you with all that you may think you need. Look into cost, but also look into how you ride, where you ride, and what you would need to do to make sure that you are protected in any situation.

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