Dirt Bike Insurance & Why You Should Consider It

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Dirt bike insurance is often too easily overlooked. You have insurance for your car or ute right? How about your bike? So often I see bikes being towed by vehicles that are worth half the amount of the motorcycles behind them. And I doubt these guys have any kind of dirt bike insurance, cause ‘she’ll be right mate…’ Well sadly, ‘she’ won’t be right mate. Not if ‘she’ gets stolen or you have a crash while transporting it.

Dirt bike theft is a real problem today due to carelessness by owners, and the difficulty in which authorities have in tracking unregistered vehicles. I’ve heard of people pulling up to a pub for a couple of cold ones after a ride, then walking back to their car to find their trailer loaded with bikes has disappeared.

Don’t let this happen to you! Check out my page on DIRT BIKE SECURITY for a few pointers.

For the price of an extra tank of gas or two a month you can have piece of mind knowing that your dirt riding career won’t end unexpectedly because some crayon-eater stole your bike.

There are plenty of companies providing dirt bike insurance these days, but it definitely pays to look around and get a few quotes. Most companies will have an online form you can fill in that will spit out a quote in a matter of minutes.

With any company, just make sure you read the small print. Quite often there are steps that must be taken in regards to the storage and security measures carried out by you, to ensure the cover remains valid.

Typical insurance should cover your bike for…

  • Fire and theft while on secure premises
  • Damage incurred while in transit
  • Theft from a carrying vehicle

Having your bike insured is a smart step towards keeping your passion and hobby alive. Obviously, you’ll have to find out what insurance providers you have available in your area and whether their prices are practical or not. If they are, have a really good think about the possibility of your bike being stolen or destroyed, and how that would affect you if you couldn’t get that money back.

If you are able to spend thousands on a bike and all the gear, then it would be very wise of you to fork out a few extra bucks to protect it. This will keep you smiling if the worst case scenario ever happens!

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Share Your Experience With Motorcycle Insurance Companies

Here’s where you can help other riders looking to insure their bike by letting them know about your dealings with certain companies. If you feel you’ve been mistreated or brushed off by an insurance company then this is the place to vent. Let everyone know so they don’t fall victim to them. Likewise, share your good experiences too.

Who do you use to insure your dirt bike? Are they good? What are their prices? Have you had to make a claim? If so, did they pay out or stall out?

You can also use this forum to ask an insurance related question. Someone in the know might be able to help you.

Jim Harmer

I'm the co-owner of Dirt Bike Planet. I live in Star, Idaho and enjoy dirt biking with my wife and two boys throughout the Idaho mountains.

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