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This section is designed for your viewing pleasure. There’s more than enough dirt bike pictures here to make your hands and feet twitch with anticipation for that next ride… so, if your two-wheeled thrasher has blown a piston and is as rideable as a leg-less pony, I suggest you look no further – dribbling over sick pics all day is just salt in the wounds.

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Some of these riders from various events are the best in the world. So, observe their body positions when cornering and jumping. Even though these dirt bike and motocross pics are for entertainment, you can learn a lot by paying attention to their technique.

Feel free to use any of these photos to download as your desktop background. I’ve also put together a real nice screensaver for you if you’re interested.

Right click on the photo and select ‘set as desktop (or wallpaper) background‘. I suggest you use the ‘tile‘ option.

Keep one eye open on this section ’cause I’m often out there taking pics of motocross events and free-riding sessions! You will also find a stack of photos from riders all over the world on the DBTP Facebook page, so hit the ‘like’ button in the right-hand column and join in.

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