The Latest Dirt Bikes And Who Produces Them

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This is where you’ll find most of the different dirt bikes available on the market today. Take a good look through because you may just discover a brand or manufacturer that you haven’t heard of before.

I’ve been riding for over 20 years and it took me over 10 of those to discover motorcycle companies like Maico and Aprilia. You see, down here in the Southern Hemisphere those bikes are more scarce than a Japanese motorcycle company that produces off road two-strokes.

If you take the time you will also learn a little bit about the history of these modern trail, enduro and motocross bikes and how they have evolved from such fascinating beginnings. Heck! It may even cause you to put some thought into the origins of that bundle of fun next time you throw your leg over it. And be grateful you don’t live in the 50’s or the closest thing to a dirt bike would be a bicycle with a small engine bolted to it. Try hucking that one over a triple Seth!

It’s amazing to see how much the technology has changed and improved over the last half century. And I can’t help but let my mind drift sometimes and imagine what the 2050 models are going to look like. And further more, what they are going to be capable of doing. Who knows, the technology may be so advanced that your average Joe Blow rider will be as fast as Bubba Stewart in his prime?

But until that day arrives when your kids are laughing at the state of the bikes that you used to ride on thinking that they were so advanced, here are the latest models on offer for you to drool over…











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