FIM Junior World Motocross Championships

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For the first time in history, the FIM Junior World Motocross Championship was held outside of Europe… all the way down here in New Zealand! So, living only 4 hours drive away how could I possibly stay at home when the hottest young MX riders from around the world were about to tough it out for the World Title?

Well, I couldn’t, so I prepared my SLR digital camera, fueled up the car, packed a couple of umbrellas, threw my younger sister in the passenger seat and set off for the Ewan McGregor MX track in Taupo to watch the finals on a dark, rainy winters day.

The riding was fast and furious and the track held up well in the insistent rain. I only saw a handful of crashes but I did see a lot of riders ripping their mud-caked goggles off in a last ditch effort to see where they were going.

Eli Tormac (Honda, USA) claimed the sweet spot on the podium as FIM Junior World Motocross Champion. With Tye Simmonds (Australia) taking 2nd place and our very own Hamish Dobbyn (N.Z) claiming 3rd.

Jay Wilson (Australia) was the champion for the 85cc class. With Samuele Bernardini (Italy) securing 2nd and Dylan Long (Australia) taking 3rd place.

Overall, as nations Australia took 1st place, Italy 2nd place and New Zealand 3rd place.

So despite our wet muddy feet, the bitterly cold wind and the photographers in bright ugly day glow jackets constantly finding their way infront of my lens… it was a thrilling experience and another fun day watching the worlds best on bikes.

Take a look at some of the moments I managed to catch below. That ‘smoke’ you see in some of the photos is actually natural thermal activity escaping from the ground in the form of steam. Happens all the time down there. Cool huh?!

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