How Fast Does an Electric Razor Dirt Bike Go?

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When my nephew found out that his favorite aunt (that’s me) was a dirt biker, his parents couldn’t get him to stop talking about getting a dirt bike. My sister was worried that any dirt bike would be too fast for her small preteen, but my brother-in-law joked that any dirt bike small enough for him would be too slow.

Thankfully, though, there are awesome electric dirt bikes by Razor that are perfect for kids like my nephew and move at speeds that both cautious and thrill-encouraging parents can feel comfortable with.

At maximum speed, Razor dirt bikes go anywhere between 12 and 22 miles per hour. The bikes that are on the smaller side, which are recommended for younger kids, are slower. As the size of the bike and recommended age gets higher, so does the speed.

What Influences Speed?

There are tons of factors that can influence the speed of electric dirt bikes. So, whether you’re a parent who is terrified to let your kid ride on a dirt bike or one who puts them on their first dirt bike, here are the things that influence the speed of electric dirt bikes that you should be aware of.


One factor that will really get electric Razor dirt bikes moving is the presence (or lack thereof) of hills. If you’re riding an electric Razor dirt bike up a hill, you’re going to go pretty slow. However, you would slow down going uphill even on a gas, adult-sized dirt bike, so that’s not surprising.

More interestingly (and obviously), how fast you can get an electric Razor dirt bike to go will increase if you are going downhill. Some people with electric Razor dirt bikes claim that depending on the size of the hill, they can get their speed up as high as 25 or 30 miles per hour, which is pretty fast.


Another unsurprising factor that influences speed on an electric Razor dirt bike is the weight of the person riding compared the weight of the actual dirt bike.

Generally, each specific electric Razor dirt bike is marketed to the people who will fit into a weight range that is most appropriate for the size and weight of the bike. This is why different electric Razor dirt bikes will say “for ages X and up” on them.

If the person riding is significantly heavier than the bike, they’re not going to be able to get the bike going fast. If the person is too light for the bike… it just won’t be a good situation for a number of reasons. Most pertinent of them being that the bike will just go, and they won’t be able to control it.

Electric Razor dirt bikes are marketed to their intended age groups (and weight groups) so that neither of those situations will happen.


Probably the most unfamiliar factor that can influence how fast electric razor dirt bikes will go is their charge. When electric dirt bikes are low on their charge, they will not reach as high of speeds. How fast or slow the dirt bike will actually go when its charge is lowering definitely depends on how low the charge actually is.

A fully-charged electric Razor dirt bike will pretty much always reach its maximum speed that is specified for the exact dirt bike as long as the actual battery is in good condition.

Are Electric Razor Dirt Bikes A Good Buy?

Electric Razor dirt bikes can be great for a number of reasons. They’re perfect for kids and beginner dirt bikers; they’re environmentally friendly; they’re pretty easy to ride; they cost so much less than gas dirt bikes; and more!

Are they too fast/not fast enough?

Regardless of whether you’re worried about electric dirt bikes being too fast or too slow, the answer is honestly “it depends.”

First, it depends on what you intend to use the electric dirt bike for. If the intended rider is a child or beginner dirt biker, the speed is going to be perfect. They get fast enough that there is a thrill to riding them, but they don’t go so fast that cautious or beginner riders (or onlooking mothers watching their children) lose their marbles when they get onto the bike.

If the intended rider is an avid dirt biker looking for a new dirt bike to upgrade, I would definitely say that electric Razor dirt bikes are not going to give them the experience they’re going for, especially not in the speed department.

How long do they last?

I’m going to answer this question in two ways: battery life and the overall life expectancy of electric Razor dirt bikes.

The battery life of electric Razor dirt bikes is, honestly, not awesome. It really changes from bike to bike, but most of them, when fully charged, range between 30 and 60 minutes.

Of course, there are things that factor into how long the battery life will last. If you’re riding your electric Razor dirt bike uphill, you’re going to use more power and more “battery juice.” Other factors will be the external temperature, how old the battery is, and more.

Electric Razor dirt bikes can last a while, but the battery won’t. It’s just like your car. Every 3-5 years, you’ll have to replace the battery. But honestly, you probably will want to upgrade to a different dirt bike by the time that much time passes.

The Best Razor Dirt Bikes

Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket 

This electric dirt bike is probably the biggest and highest quality dirt bike that is made by Razor.

Designed for 16-year-olds, this bike has some decent power for an electric dirt bike. It even advertises a 220-pound weight limit. That is pretty great for an electric bike.

My absolute favorite thing about this bike is that it has an advertised range of 10 miles. Although that is nothing compared to a normal dirt bike, that is amazing for an electric. This bike is a great buy, and is about 1/4 the price of a regular 80cc dirt bike.

Razor MX350 24-Volt Dirt Rocket

I had a buddy that found one of these at a yard sale without a battery, which he then bought and found a replacement battery. He rode that thing all over the neighborhood. Since he was 16 at the time which is 3 years past the advertised age limit, he couldn’t really go off jumps or anything but it got moving pretty quick.

I’m not saying you should buy this for your 16 year old, but what I am saying is that these little bikes can surprise you. They will run for about a half hour under a full load, and will do the job.

The best part about these bikes is that they are only around 250 bucks. If you have a 6 year old that is interested in dirt bikes, you can get him one of these as a test and if he ends up hating it you wont have emptied your life savings on a hobby that only lasted 24 hours.

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