Husaberg Dirt Bikes And A Bit Of History

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The Swedish born range of big bore Husaberg dirt bikes came from a somewhat inauspicious beginning. In February 1988 a small gathering of interested and important people sat anxiously, sipping champagne awaiting the unveiling of the first race-bred Husaberg FE501 – the creation of a few former engineers from Husqvarna Motorcycles. As the chief developer and mastermind of Husaberg dirt bikes, Thomas Gustavsson, kicked his right foot down to bring all 500cc of four stroke power to life – the starting gear blew to pieces and scattered across the feet of shocked investors and government representatives.

Clearly not off to a fairytale start – the Husaberg engineers regathered their egos, repaired the prototype and created a race worthy enduro bike. They entered it into its first public appearance at an enduro race in the south of Sweden in a place called Skillingaryd. At this stage of the bikes and companies life they were nameless, the engineers unsure between them what to call it. When the race organizers told them they either come up with a name or withdraw from the competition… Thomas gave them the name “Husaberg Motor AB”… and so it stuck.

From there, their rookie riders won a number of events including a number of FIM 500cc Motocross World Championships and Enduro World Champs. But although they were proving themselves on the worlds stages, they couldn’t translate their wins into steady sales. KTM purchased Husaberg Dirt Bikes in 1995 and have been manufacturing them from their own factory in Austria since 2003. And just in case you didn’t know… KTM’s slogan “Ready To Race” actually came from Husaberg who have changed their slogan to “4 Stroke Force”.

These days Husaberg focus on their enduro and supermoto bikes producing a very classy and popular range of motorcycles commonly found in Europe. They also stretch their wings into countries such as USA, South America, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand so don’t be surprised to see more of them in a town near you…

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