Kawasaki Dirt Bikes – History And 2015 Bike Reviews

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Today’s lineup of Kawasaki Dirt Bikes are the result of the foresight, dedication and commitment of an incredible company.

It was 1878 when Shozo Kawasaki established the company dedicated to ship building. To this day ship building is still its main trade. As with the other major bike manufacturers, Kawasaki never began as a company that produced motorcycles. And the Kawasaki dirt bike range is only the mole on the cows [email protected]$e in comparison to everything else they produce.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, based in Japan of course… is the head of a whole bunch of subsidiary companies such as the Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation, Kawasaki Thermal Engineering Co L.t.d, Kawasaki Safety Service Industries L.t.d, Kawasaki Motors Corporation Japan and more…

Under the umbrella of Kawasaki, these companies produce everything from large ships, trains, small engines, tractors, aerospace equipment, industrial robots, aircraft equipment, all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles… phew!

It was the early 50’s that saw Kawasaki Motor Co. producing motorcycles for the Japanese. But they realized they needed the knowledge of an established motorcycle company named Meguro Manufacturing to really expand and grow in the motorcycle market. So, Kawasaki took them over and soon rolled out a number of popular bikes.

Around 1963 a 125cc two stroke dirt bike called the ‘B8M’ was born. This quickly became a massive success! From then on good ol’ Kawasaki continued to produce and develop a winning range of on-road and off-road motorcycles.

2015 Kawasaki Dirt Bike Reviews & Specs

2015 KX250f review and specs..

Model: 2015 KXF 250

Engine Type: Four-stroke single with DOHC and four-valve cylinder head

Fuel System: DFI with 43mm Keihin throttle body and dual injectors

Fuel Capacity: 1.61 gal. – 6 liters

Starting System: Electric

Front Suspension: 48mm inverted Showa SFF telescopic fork with 40-way spring preload adjustability and 22-position compression and 20-position rebound damping adjustability/ 12.4 in

Rear Suspension: Uni-Trak linkage system and Showa shock with 19-position low-speed and 4-turns high-speed compression damping, 22-position rebound damping, fully adjustable spring preload / 12.2 in

Wheel Base: 58.1 in. – 1.47.5 cm

Seat Height: 37.2 in.  – 95 cm

Curb Weight: 233.6 lbs. – 106 kgs


2015 KX450f review and specs..

Model: 2015 KXF 450

Engine Type: Four-stroke, DOHC, four-valve single cylinder head

Fuel System: DFI with 43 mm Keihin throttle body

Fuel Capacity: 1.64 gal. – 6.2 liters

Starting System: Electric

Front Suspension: Inverted Showa SFF-Air TAC fork with Triple Air Chamber, DLC coated sliders, 22-position compression and 20-position rebound damping adjustment / 12.4 in

Rear Suspension: Uni-Trak linkage system and Showa shock, 19-position low-speed and 4 turns high-speed compression damping, 22-position rebound damping and fully adjustable spring preload / 12.4 in

Wheel Base: 58.8 in. – 149 cm

Seat Height: 37.8 in. – 96 cm

Curb Weight: 247.1 lbs. – 112 kgs


For more info on Kawasaki’s full range check out www.Kawasaki.com

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Up until around 2006 Kawasaki had a healthy blend of two stroke and four stroke dirt bikes. Their four stroke MX bikes arrived on the scene in 2004 and diverted the attention of many adult riders away from their previous range of hugely successful two smokers. However with the sudden extinction of the Kx125, Kx250 and KDX models in 2007 – their market offerings dwindled down to the four stroke range with only the motocross bikes receiving continual updates. The smaller two stroke bikes seemed to have survived the apocalypse however they don’t receive much more than a new set of decals from year to year.


What Do You Think About Kawasaki Dirt Bikes?

Have you ever owned a Kwacka? Maybe a vintage Kawasaki? Tell us what you think of the four stroke range. Do you wish Kawasaki still made two strokes? Do you know of any design faults or problems with particular models? Maybe you have a mechanical tip to share…

You can also use this forum to ask a Kawasaki related question. Someone in the know may be able to help you.

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