Motocross Training – How To Develop The Mental Mindset Of A Winner

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The best motocross racers & enduro riders invest in motocross training – both physical (technique), AND mental (mindset).  Like any sport, these two components go hand in hand like french fries & ketchup.. heavy metal & black ripped jeans.. Jeremy McGrath & Honda.  If you focus only on technique you can become a great rider – no doubt. However, the riders who learn technique and also train their minds to become mentally tough to withstand the pressure laid on during competition time, are the riders you find at the top of podiums and winning championships. 

This stuff isn’t new.  Our awareness of the fact that the elite athletes of the world have superior physical AND mental strengths working in unison, has been around ever since Richard Simmons was discovered by the American public.  The key to unlocking your true potential and vastly improving your dirt bike racing skills & competitive edge lies beneath your ability to firstly recognize you need help with developing your mind-game, and secondly, actually doing the work needed.

Now, like you, I need work in this area and am certainly no expert in sports psychology.  So I’ve asked the legendary Dr Patrick Cohn – from Peak Performance Sports – to share a smidgen of his invaluable knowledge on sports psychology, mental fortitude, motocross training, attitude.. and what it takes to be a champion motocross or enduro racer.  I held an exclusive interview with him especially for my DBTP visitors – YOU!  So make sure you listen in by watching the YouTube clip below.

About Dr Cohn:  Dr. Patrick Cohn is a sports and race psychology authority. He excels at coaching athletes in auto racing, motorcycle racing, and motocross, including racing teams to help them reach their peak performance and perform in the zone. As an expert in mental training for racers and the psychology of racing, his driver education mental skills programs for racers and teams increase teamwork, concentration, composure, and confidence. His goal is to boost the mental horsepower of any team using race psychology instruction, which gives your team the mental advantage! Dr. Cohn works with individual racers as well as team members to develop a mindset for racing success.

For the riders who wish to gain access to his training from the comfort of their living room – at a fraction of the cost, he also has available the “Confident Athlete Series”..  step by step, highly specific and priceless guides demonstrating exactly how you can train your mind to that of a champion and begin improving your riding ability almost immediately.

Listen To My Interview With Dr. Cohn below..

What others have to say about Dr. Cohn’s mindset motocross training..

“Since working with Dr. Cohn, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my racing performance. Dr. Cohn has helped me to be much more confident in my racing and the results prove it!”

– Matt Boni, MX National Champion


“Your mental coaching has helped me be mentally prepared ready to go racing. To be a MX champion, your body and mind have to work together on the track. Dr. Cohn helped me get on the podium even under tough circumstances and  strengthen my mental game-side of racing. I am ready to win this championship now.”

– Max Anstie, Pro Motocross racer


“Your work with my son Taylor has really helped him perform better under pressure. Your coaching is so good that I don’t want our competitors to find out about our secret weapon: and that’s YOU!  Thanks Dr. Cohn!”

– Kevin Johnson, Taylor’s Father


“Dr. Cohn’s mental coaching has really helped our son Justin gain confidence in his riding and teach us how to improve teamwork on and off the track.”

– Stephanie Starling, Justin’s Mother


“Your powerful mental game coaching strategies have really helped my son Matt improve his racing and get to the top of his class in motocross racing. In fact, he won a National Championship with your help. Thank you.”

– Dan Boni, Matt’s Father

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