Nate Adams – FMX Champion

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Well, he may not look like your typical FMX rider but Nate Adams can open up a can of whoop-ass on any given competition night that will have the rest of the circus chewing on their finger nails. What they are afraid of is his innovative range of backflips that he has wired down to a fine art.

Interestingly enough Nate seems to be the ‘good boy’ in a typically ‘bad boy’ sport. He is well spoken, down to earth, friendly, laid back and very close to his family… and he aint inked from neck to toe with flaming skulls and chains.

Nate is known as a very meticulous and calculated freestyle rider. Every trick he performs is thoroughly rehearsed and planned out, leaving nothing to chance. His absolute love of the sport drives him to put in huge hours on the saddle, practicing and perfecting his tricks while preparing for competitions like the X-Games and Dew Tours.

How was this passion ignited? Well some would say that it’s in the blood. Nate Adams began riding motocross at 8 years old when his father got him his first dirt bike. His dad, being a keen rider and racer himself for most of his life, has helped Nate through his years of riding and has supported him the entire way.

At around 12 years old Nate became obsessed with and inspired by films like The Crusty Demons and Terrafirma and began performing his own tricks on his motocross bike and BMX. (He was/is also a keen BMX rider.) 6 years later (2002) he won the World FMX Championship making “Nate Adams” a household name within the dirt bike world.

In late 2004 he suffered a nasty crash after failing to land a backflip during a competition in Italy. He clean snapped his femur which had to be pieced back together using a rod running from his hip to his knee. This resulted in months of rehabilitation, pain and time off the bike. In another particular year he sustained 4 concussions and had to deal with a cyst on his brain.

More recently in 2009 Nate won the overall Red Bull X-Fighters competition in the final round in London, claiming it to be the greatest achievement of his career.

As I write this (2010) Nate resides in Temecula, California where he lives almost every dirt bikers dream. He is building up his business and motocross brand called Deft Family and gets to ride on his very own custom FMX practice park in his backyard, right next door to Robbie Maddison’s home and track. It’s a tough life…


2009 – Redbull X-Fighters Overall Winner
2004 – X-Games Gold Medal Freestyle
2002 – 1st World FMX Championship
2001 to 2009 – Stacks of wins at events like IFMA, Gravity Games, Dew Tours, Vans Triple Crown Series, X-Fighters and other freestyle events. Too many to list.


D.O.B: March 29th, 1984
Place of Birth: Phoenix, Arizona – United States
Nickname: Patchy, Nate Dog
Height: 6’0″
Other Interests: Snowboarding, business ventures, producing and singing hip hop

* All care was taken to get this information correct at the time of writing. If anything is wrong please contact me so I can correct it.

Jim Harmer

I'm the co-owner of Dirt Bike Planet. I live in Star, Idaho and enjoy dirt biking with my wife and two boys throughout the Idaho mountains.

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