Sweet Sand Dune Photos – West Coast Style

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What’s the best way to top off a day of riding in the dunes? Having these sweet sand dune photos to etch the day in our memory. On this occasion three of my non riding mates were invited to join in on the fun. While we stormed off ahead up the black sand filled West Coast on our dirt bikes, P.K, Phil and Viri chugged along behind in Moose’s 4×4 Pajero with ‘Choice’ (staffy dog) and a few cold beers.

With Phil squatting on the sides of dunes, looking like something out of the Paparazzi with his SLR digital, and Viri on the handycam, a stack load of images and moments were captured.

Me and Moose had a hell of a good time on our bikes as usual. It had been raining for 2 days before this sunny, Sunday afternoon creating perfect conditions in the compact sand. But the fun disappeared and suddenly morphed into pain on the ride home after I opened up the accelerator just a tad too much during a wheelie, causing me to stack it on the hard shoreline. Unfortunately both of my mates failed to catch it on film but did take a photo of the aftermath (last pic). A visit to the hospital revealed a compressed and slightly fractured T5 Vertebrae – nothing too serious, but 6 weeks off the bike.

Lesson learned from this experience? Always wear your body armour even when riding on sand! I’m positive (because of the way I fell flat on my back) if I had of been wearing it I wouldn’t have done so much damage. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics and you’re inspired to go out and get some for yourself. If you do, make sure you send ’em in đŸ˜‰

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