Free Riding Sand Sessions

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There’s so much fun to be had riding in big dunes and bowls! The best sand sessions are had when it’s damp or wet to give you more traction. Just make sure you’ve got the big bore out for this stuff!

Riding in sand requires a different set of skills and can take a bit to get used to if you haven’t tried it before. And don’t think for a second that it doesn’t hurt when you come off! I know of someone who got put in a coma after going over the bars in the dunes. My brother also broke his collar-bone after coming off at high speed in the sand. And in 2011 I compressed and fractured my T5 vertebrae on the beach.. hmmmph.

A while back my riding buddy broke his back when he over jumped and landed on his back in the sand. I managed to snap a pic of the very jump (last photo at the bottom right) that put him in hospital with 11 vertebrae with multiple fractures and cracked ribs. He’s lucky to be walking, so do take it easy out there – we are only human.

Check out my sand riding tips section for some pointers.

Here are a few pics of me and my mates having a blast up at Muriwai Beach and the Bombing Range…

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