Seth Enslow: Dirt biking the hard way

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Within the dirt biking world Seth Enslow is synonymous with huge jumps, huge balls and spectacular crashes. He has been labeled a ‘hard man’, and he looks the part too bearing a heavily tattooed body and a nasty, thick scar from ear to ear over his head.

In his youth he showed no fear when it came to launching himself into the air attempting to jump heights that most people would consider insane. And if you’ve seen some of his most famous crashes you will most likely agree with me when I say that he must have a few screws loose in the old thinking department. Miraculously though he has managed to stay alive – so far – and as a result of his fearless behaviour early on, he became one of the first dirt bike riders to become sponsored without actually racing.

Although Seth Enslow always wanted a dirt bike from a young age, his parents could never afford one. So it wasn’t until he was in high school that he began racing amateur motocross in New York State and Florida. He soon uplifted and headed to California to chase his dream of racing professional motocross, which was destined never to be. After making friends with people in the film making industry and proving his exceptional free riding abilities he hit the big time in 1994 when he cameod in the first Crusty Demons Of Dirt video with a bone breaking leap over the crest of a sand dune. This disturbingly big crash launched Seth into instant fame and kick-started a lucrative career in dirt bike films, TV stints and public shows.


  • He came up short over a gap jump in the sand dunes forcing his fellow riders to leap for cover as he landed on top of Jeremy McGraths dirt bike. Apparently Jeremy wasn’t too happy with him.
  • While attempting to break Robbie Knievels distance record of 226 feet Seths front suspension disintegrated upon landing. He broke the record and was amazingly uninjured.
  • By far Seth Enslows most horrific crash to date happened in 1999 while practicing to break the world distance record. He had successfully jumped 240 feet the previous day and brought the launch ramp forward to begin warming up for the following day of practice. However, the tail wind carried him through the air further than he expected causing him to overshoot the landing ramp resulting in a flat landing at 245 feet! His head was forced into the handlebars upon impact which crushed his right orbital socket and broke his skull in two places. Nothing a couple of titanium plates and screws couldn’t fix though huh? After receiving the plates and a meaty ear to ear scar across his head, he ignored the doctors warning to stay off his bike for 6 months and set a new world indoor record of 170 feet only 4 weeks later. I told you he had a few screws loose.
  • Once again attempting to break the distance world record, Seth came up short on about a 200 foot jump, this time resulting in concussion and a broken leg.

In 2008 Seth Enslow finally realized his dream of breaking the 300 foot mark and touched down safely at a respectable 301′ 10″. He said he’s stoked to have pulled that off as his personal best but has no intention to push it further. And who can blame him? Surely he doesn’t need to prove anything more. He has well and truly established himself as one of the gnarliest guys to ever ride on two wheels. And he has done this by constantly pushing the limits of how far one can jump a motorcycle… the hard way.


Year Of Birth: 1975
Born In: Upstate New York
Height: 6’1″
Hobbies: Tattooing, riding his chopper and hanging with his daughter

* All care was taken to get this information correct at the time of writing. If anything is wrong please contact me so I can correct it.

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