What is a Dirt Bike Bicycle and Where Can I Get One?

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Dirt bike bicycles are absolutely perfect for kids that love dirt bikes but aren’t quite old enough to ride one yet. Luckily, you can get one almost anywhere.

A dirt bike bicycle is a bicycle that has bike pedals and tires, but looks like a dirt bike. They do not have a motor. This style of bicycle is especially popular with children. Dirt bike bicycles can be purchased in most sporting stores that sell bicycles as well as many online retailers.

Kids love dirt bike bicycles; especially kids that grow up around dirt bikes. We’re sure that as you learn about them, you’ll love them too.

What Are Dirt Bike Bicycles?

Dirt bike bicycles are bicycles designed to appear like dirt bikes. These bikes are manually powered (you must pedal for them to move) although they give the appearance of being electrically run. Many dirt bike bicycles have authentic dirt bike appearances and logos.

These bikes are either designed to be normal street bikes or they are designed to be mountain bikes. Their designs mimic dirt bikes, so they are perfect for people who enjoy the style, but enjoy traditional biking. When you are looking into the type of bike you want, it may be a good idea to do your research ahead of time so you know if you need something with a motor or something with pedals.

There are other models which come with different components and tools that the generic build does not offer. Looking into pedal brakes compared to hand brakes is a good idea. Knowing which kind of tire and brake you want on your dirt bike bicycle will make the researching and purchasing process so much easier.

Where Can You Ride Them?

Bicycle Path

While riding your dirt bike bicycle, you should follow the same protocol for normal bicycles. Make sure you stay in areas that are designated for bicycles, or places that say it is okay to ride a bicycle there. There are many walking paths where bicycles are not allowed and you should be aware of those.

Where You Are Allowed to Ride Your Dirt Bike Bicycle

You are allowed to ride your dirt bike bicycle on most public sidewalks. There are a few sidewalks where bicycles are not permitted. These should be labeled so you are aware that they are off-limits. You can ride on most sidewalks in neighborhoods, on the side of roads, and on some outdoor trails. It is important to make sure you are always looking around to ensure you are permitted to ride on the sidewalk you are on. Be considerate of people around you as well, and don’t crowd others.

Some trails and paths allow bicycles as well. When you are looking at a trail or path to potentially ride on, the most important thing to keep in mind is whether it is paved or not. Most trails and paths which are paved allow bikers to ride on them. As is the case with the sidewalks, make sure you check the rules before riding on them.

If you ever not near a sidewalk, or there are too many people walking on it for you to safely ride, you are able to ride your dirt bike bicycle on the bike lane in the road. As with riding any bike in the bike lane, you need to make sure you are being very careful and cautious as you are right next to a busy road full of cars.

Where You Are Not Allowed to Ride Your Dirt Bike Bicycle

When you are looking into areas where you can ride your dirt bike bicycle, you need to understand the areas where a dirt bike bicycle is not allowed.

U.S. roads and interstates which do not have a bike lane are off-limits for your dirt bike bicycle. You are not allowed to ride here because of all the cars. You need to be careful not to drive on these roads, as it is illegal and you could get a ticket or a fine and could get hurt.

Walking paths that ban bicycles should not be ridden on either. Not following that protocol can get you in serious trouble. It is easier to make sure you are only riding your dirt bike bicycle where you are allowed to.

Who Are Dirt Bike Bicycles Made For?

The most common dirt bike bicycles are made for children and youth. These bikes are meant for children who are too young to ride on a real dirt bike, or who are really interested in them. For this reason, most dirt bike bicycles are made only for children.

Accommodations for Young Children

While these bikes are made for children, some dirt bike bicycles are specially made for young or beginning riders. These dirt bike bicycles have training wheels on the back to keep the children steady as they are just learning how to ride and keep balance on their bikes.

Adult Dirt Bikes Bicycles

Although dirt bike bicycles are most commonly made for children, some companies specialize in making dirt bike bicycles for adults. These are beginning to become more popular, but the most popular customer continues to be children. The adult versions cost more because they are usually custom-made and are larger so they can be ridden by adults. This is something to keep in mind when purchasing one.

Where Can You Purchase One?

A bicycle store interior that also sells dirt bike bicycles.

There are many different places where you can find a dirt bike bicycle. Many different bike stores sell them, as well as online vendors. Below are some dirt bike bicycles we found that you may be interested in. Before purchasing your dirt bike bicycle, it is important to do your research to make sure you are getting the one you need and want. If you have a specific one in mind, you could also see if you can have it custom-made.

Popular Dirt Bike Bicycle Models

Below are some of the more popular dirt bike bicycles available for purchase online. Many of these are on Amazon but on occasion, you can also find them at various other outlets like Walmart, bicycle stores, or other specialty stores.

Yamaha Moto Bike BMX

This bike features authentic Yamaha graphics which might be really fun for your child if you also ride an adult Yamaha dirt bike. It features a front pad-style brake and steel frame. This model also comes with training wheels to make things a little easier on those young ones still learning to ride. It’s a little more expensive than some of the other options on this list but it’s also a fairly large bike at 16 inches which means it works well for slightly older kids.

12B Hyper Speedbike

This bike is a bit smaller (great for younger kids just starting to ride) and features some really cool graphics. It’s even make to look like it has disc brakes and real motocross rims. It’s about 17 inches tall from ground level to the top of the seat and also comes with training wheels included which is nice since this bike is most appropriate for brand new bicycle riders.

Haiwai Freestyle Bike

This is one of the more reasonably priced options on this list and also includes cool moto-style training wheels. It comes in either blue or red and features a real carbon steel frame! The amazon listing says it has caliper style brakes but that may be a typo because this bike actually comes with the standard pad-on-rim brakes. It also features cool hand guard which give it that real motocross feel!

KXBYMX Children’s Moto Bike

This dirt bike bicycle is probably the most expensive on this list. I do like how upright the kid sits on this. It has a carbon steel frame and it does come with a cool sound effects box that’s mounted near the handlebar and has a push button that’ll activate sounds of a motorcycle starting. This also has a full chain guard to keep the rider’s clothes from getting caught in the chain while riding.

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