What’s the Fastest Dirt Bike? (A List of the Max Speeds of 27 Models)

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Looking to buy a dirt bike? One of the deciding factors for many people is speed. Most people want a fast bike, and even if speed is not the ultimate factor for you, you’re probably going to want to know what your bike is capable of when it comes to how fast you can go, especially if you trying to make your bike street legal!

The fastest dirt bike on this list is the Suzuki DR-Z, with a 400cc four stroke engine and a top recorded speed of 114 miles per hour.

Not the brand you were looking for, or maybe you had something just a little bit slower in mind? Lets look at the top speeds of 27 different bikes, so you can get an idea of what you might be looking for! We’ll start with higher speeds dirt, but organized by highest to lowest engine size.

Dirt Bike NameEngine (CC)StrokeTop Speed (MPH)
MuZ Baghira6604102
Kawasaki KLR650498
Honda XR6504110
Husqvarna FE5104101.5
Honda CRF450487
Kawasaki KX450489
Suzuki DR-Z4004114
KTM SX-F350498
Husqvarna TX3002112
Yamaha WR250488.8
Suzuki RM250278
KTM SX250271
Kawasaki KX250276
Yamaha YZ250262
Honda CRF125445
RPS Xmotos70450
Apollo DB2570437
KTM SX65262
Yamaha TTR50430
KTM SX5050245
Coolster QG5050235
DR-X Holeshot50225
Kuberg 2016 Freerider48 Volt MotorN/A34
Razor SX500 McGrath36 Volt MotorN/A15
Razor MX35024 VoltN/A12-14
Razor MX650650 WattsN/A17

MuZ Baghira – 102 MPH

The MuZ Baghira is an absolute beast of a bike. Packing a 660cc, four stroke engine and boasting a top speed of up to 102 miles per hour, this is not a bike to take lightly. Because of the engine size and power, this wouldn’t be a good bike for beginners, and should probably only be ridden by people with experience, or a larger individual who needs more power to get around.

With the four stroke engine giving it a higher top speed and a slightly slower “get up and go”, this would be a great bike to make street legal, as it will easily be able to keep up with local and even freeway speed limits (where legal).

Kawasaki KLR – 98 MPH

Packing a four stroke engine and 650ccs of power, this bike has actually been around for white a while, and is just now starting to find a spotlight for itself. One of today’s best selling dual sport bikes, it has semi recently been recognized as a dirt bike. Perks of owning this bike include a 6.1 gallon fuel tank, which can take you up to 300 miles before you need a refill, a top speed of 98 miles per hour, a luggage rack you can attach to the back, and an absolutely shocking price tag of $6499 for the bike.

While there are downsides, like a gas mileage of 50 miles per gallon, and a carburetor instead of fuel injection, this dirt bike is still a solid choice, especially if you are focusing more on the speed side of things.

Honda XR – 110 MPH

This Honda XR is a solid option if you’re wanting high CCs, and a high top speed. With a four stroke engine and 650ccs of power, this Honda gives us 110 miles per hour. Honda, with years and years of experience, has really outdone themselves with this dirt bike.

With almost a foot of suspension give, this dirt bike has a seat that may be slightly uncomfortably high. However, this is necessary due to the large suspension give.

Husqvarna FE – 101.5 MPH

The Husqvarna FE510 is a gorgeous bike, with 510ccs of power, a four stroke engine, and a reported top speed of up to 101.5 miles per hour. Complete with a USFS legal exhaust, this bike, compared to many other dirt bikes, it fairly quiet, which is fantastic since you’d probably be riding it in public areas. Gearing is fairly high, with first gear reported to being good for over 30 miles an hour, but once you’ve got that balance down, you’re set. Fuel injection gives you fantastic gas mileage.

This bike IS street legal, so you have the flexibility of taking on the trails, or on the road, making it a great dirt bike for any of your needs. Where multiple other dual-sport bikes are often heavier to accommodate their multipurpose use, this bike has lighter seating not typical to the dual-sport category.

Honda CRF – 87 MPH

With a 450 cc, four stroke engine, and a top speed of 87 miles an hour, the Honda CRF is built to be successful in whatever environment you put it in.

Are you worried about weight? This dirt bike may be the bike for you. With a titanium header and a titanium-nitride coated lower fork legs and shock shaft, this bike has been built to be light and strong, while not sacrificing quality or structural integrity. Additionally, the newer models have all been equipped with electric starters instead of a kick-starting system, which takes even more weight off the bike.

Built with a lower center of gravity, this machine is praised for having fantastic traction and amazing steering precision. Fuel injection gives you great gas mileage, guaranteeing a bike that is as enjoyable as it is quality.

Kawasaki KX – 89 MPH

Kawasaki, known for its light dirt bikes, hasn’t disappointed with it comes to quality either. The Kawasaki KX450, known by the company as “The Bike That Builds Champions”, has been built to be a winner. Giving us 450ccs of power, a four stroke engine to deliver that power smoothly, and a top speed of 89 miles an hour, this bike has been awarded titles like “Bike of the Year”, and “Shootout Winner” by multiple sources.

With a light, electric start, a narrow, light frame, and more championship wins than any other manufacturer in the 450 class, this is a fantastic racing bike. Light, narrow, and fast, if you’re looking for a racing bike, this is the one for you.

Suzuki DR-Z – 114 MPH

The Suzuki DR-Z400 gives us 400ccs of power, a four stroke engine, and a whopping 114 miles per hour, easily making this bike the fastest dirt bike on this list. With street legal options, a lightweight frame, and a sleek build, it’s easy to understand why this bike is so fast. Featuring an electric start, a quick get up and go, completely adjustable suspension, and a decently quiet engine, this dirt bike is not only fast, but it’s also light, customizable, and efficient.

Whether you’re riding off road, or in the mountains, you can expect reliable power delivery, and a quality performance.


Coming in at 350ccs, delivering power with a four stroke engine, and giving us a top speed of 98 miles an hour. This bike features a fantastic balance of horsepower and agility, with the official KTM website stating that this bike has “torque similar to that of a 450, without losing its 250-like agility”.

With a combo delivery like that, this dirt bike makes a fantastic racer, with an electric start, 5-speed transmission, and boasting a lighter, faster, and more compact four stroke engine than ever before, the newer models are something special.

This bike is light, with fantastic rider feedback and an improved suspension system for the 2020 model, giving it a more comfortable feel that makes your dirt bike experience even more natural.

Husqvarna TX – 112 MPH

The Husqvarna TX 300 starts us out with 300ccs of power, a 2 stroke engine (the first on this list), and a whopping 112 miles per hour at its top speed, making this nifty two stroke the second fastest bike here. A sister bike to the KTM, they share some similar technology, but this Swedish brand has made a name for itself.

The laser-cut frame now has improved rigidity by 20% for improved stability, and while longitudinal stiffness has been reduced by 30% for better suspension functionality. With a 4.1 pound cut in weight (as of 2017) using an air fork, this bike is constantly being improved on. With updates being constantly made to the engine, this bike is being marketed as “Smooth and quiet- deceivingly fast”.

Yamaha WR – 88.8 MPH

The Yamaha WR250R, specifically the newest models, is being hailed (by Yamaha) as the “Pinnacle of Reliable Performance”. This Yamaha WR has 250ccs of power, and a 4 stroke engine. 88.8 miles per hour is what this baby gives us at top speed, making quite a decent dual sportbike.

With an estimated 71 miles to the gallon, and a price starting at just over six and a half thousand dollars, this bike has a price tag that greatly belays its quality and reputation.

The 2020 model comes with a three-way adjustable suspension in the front AND the back, allowing you, the rider, to be comfortable and enjoy yourself on any number of different trails and terrains.

Suzuki RM – 78 MPH

The Suzuki RM -Z250, like the name implies, has a 250cc, two-stroke engine, and delivers a top speed of 78 miles per hour. Decently light, with championship-level handling, this is a bike you can be happy with, regardless of the purpose you bought it for. That being said, this bike is a fantastic racer. The “RM” in the name stands for “racing model”, making it clear where this bike excels.

Suzukis are known for the spectacular handling on the track, and the bike is no exception to that rule. If you’re looking for a bike that feels more like an extension of yourself instead of just another machine to ride, you won’t be disappointed with this bike as your choice.


The KTM 250 SX revs in at 250ccs of power, with a two stroke engine, and a reported top speed of 71 miles an hour, making this quite the decent bike for a variety of situations. Specifically, when it comes to their newest 202 models, KTM has quite a lot to say when it comes to this model of dirt bike, saying that this is the perfect weapon of choice for those of us who love our racing two strokes.

KTM is very well known for their two-stroke engines, and their dirt bikes have quite the “track” record (I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself), winning titles, and proving again and again that when it comes to the two-stroke race, KTM has the lead.

Featuring a high-performance 2-stroke engine fitted within a state-of-the-art chassis, this powerhouse is undoubtedly the fastest 250 cc 2-stroke on track.


Kawasaki KX – 76 MPH

Coming with a catchphrase like, “THE BIKE THAT BUILDS CHAMPIONS”, a brand with a reputation for big wins, and a history resplendent with AMA National Motocross and Supercross titles, the technology backing this bike is the technology that can be trusted.

The 2019 model of this dirtbike comes with an engine that’s designed to deliver increased power across the entire rev range, making the bike perfect for power control and reliable delivery.

With a 2 stroke engine, 250ccs of power, and a reported top speed of 76 miles an hour, you winning races just became a normal topic of conversation.

Yamaha YZ – 62 MPH

The Yamaha YZ250 is a unique bike, combining a classic 2 stroke engine with a few features that are more typical of a bike with a four stroke engine, like more protection and reinforcement around the rear of the bike, and wider footpegs.

This 250cc bike has a reported top speed of 62 miles an hour, helped along by an incredibly light frame, which also makes handling even easier.
Boasting an amazing power to weight ratio, this bike has the get-up and go you need to make a name for yourself on the racetrack.

Honda CRF125F – 45 MPH

The Honda CRF125F is described by Honda as “The middle child that never feels left out”. Why? At 125ccs of power, it hits that perfect spot in power and handling that makes it great for a large range of riders, from older children to smaller adults.

Using fuel injection, you get a steady delivery of power across the RPM spectrum, and an electric start gives you a no-hassle beginning to all your rides. This four-stroke engine gives you a reported 45 miles an hour at top speed, easily making it fast enough for fun and lots of off-road fun.

RPS Xmoto – 45 MPH

Reaching the upper end of children’s bikes as far as ccs go, the RPS Xmotos has 70ccs of power, a four stroke engine, and a reported top speed of 45 miles an hour.

With the classic low maintenance of a four-stroke engine, an electric kick start, and an automatic transmission, this bike is a great one to get your kid used to some of the average adult dirt bike features, while still keeping things simple enough for your new rider that they’ll be able to enjoy themselves and learn at a good pace.

Apollo DB-25 – 37 MPH

The Apollo DB-25 starts to approach the line between children’s bikes and higher teens and smaller adult bikes. The 70cc engine, approaching 100, gives you a decent amount of power for a kids bike. With a four stroke engine, this bike is pretty low maintenance.

It comes with full, traditional suspension on both the front and the back tires, giving you great clearance to ride on lots of different kinds of terrain.
An electric start makes it easy to get going, and with a weight capacity of around 130 pounds, this bike can suit a range of kids.



With a catchphrase like “Fast has no age limit”, you get the idea pretty quickly where the focus is with this bike, even though it’s aimed at a younger age range. 65ccs of power is where this bike rests, with KTM giving us (of course), a two stroke engine, topping out at an average reported speed of 62 miles an hour.

KTM has this bike built-in mind specifically for eight to twelve-year-old racers, so this may not be an ideal bike for a beginner, but that decision is obviously up to you.

Yamaha TTR – 30 MPH

When it comes to kid’s bikes, it would be hard to beat this one. The Yamaha TT-R50E is the PERFECT learning bike for kids.

Just 50ccs of power makes it the perfect size engine for a kid to learn how to handle a dirt bike, a four stroke engine gives a more even, smooth delivery of power, and with a top speed of thirty miles an hour, any new rider will be able to learn how to ride at safe speeds, while having just enough speed to still have fun once they have a handle on the basics.

What else makes it perfect for a kids bike? That’s right, there’s more!
There’s an electric start with just the push of a button, making the “get up and go” nice and painless, while the three-speed automatic transmission lets the new rider focus on the basics of balance and riding.

KTM SX50 – 45 MPH

Built with an age range between four to ten years old in mind, KTM hasn’t sacrificed quality just because they’ve made a children’s bike.

With a 50cc, two stroke engine, this bike is reported to go up to forty-five miles an hour, which is pretty impressive for a bike with a 50cc engine.
This dirt bike has a single speed, automatic transmission, perfect for its young riders, which introduces them naturally to the mechanics of the bike.

Essentially a scaled-down model of a full-sized dirt bike, the child riding this bike won’t be missing out on any of the “real” dirt bike experience.

Coolster QG50 – 35 MPH

The Coolster QG 50 is another small dirt bike, ideal for children who are learning to ride, and perfect for parents wanting their kids to ride on a real, gas-powered bike, that doesn’t have too much power. This bike has 50ccs of power, a two stroke engine, and has a top reported speed of up to 35 miles an hour.

The gas tank, unfortunately, is tiny, with only a 0.2 gallon capacity. This will be a perfect bike to teach your kids not only how to ride on, but how to maintain a two stroke engine.

It has a maximum weight limit of one hundred pounds, so it is meant for the younger age range of children.

DR-X Holeshot – 25 MPH

This little dirt bike has a 50cc, 2 stroke engine, and will get you up to a top speed of up to 25 miles an hour.

This bike comes with a number of safety features that make it great for making sure your child is learning in a way that is comfortable for you, and safe for them. Equipped with a speed limiter that is advertised to be able to limit the bike between thirty to fifteen miles per hour, enabling you to choose the top speed the bike is able to travel at.

This bike also comes with a kill switch. If the rider falls off or is otherwise separated from the bike, the kill switch will active, turning off the bike.

Built-in-mind for 13 years old and under, there are many reviews of happy customers saying that their children have enjoyed the bike and that they hold up well to the terrain that they’re being ridden on.

Kuberg 2016 Freerider – 34 MPH

This is an electric dirt bike unlike the others I’ve really looked into before, and one that I’d like to give a try. With the official website boasting that you can take this bike anywhere, they’ve got quite a lot to live up to for an electric dirt bike.

Claiming increased stability and a quality build for those of us who like tricks and jumps, this bike is pretty durable for an electric.

With incredible sensitivity and almost instantaneous acceleration, this bike will deliver the power and the speed right when you need it.

While this bike does only give you about an hour of drive time before you’ll need a recharge, it also charges back up to eighty percent capacity in an hour, so you don’t have to wait multiple hours just to get a single hour of fun.

Razor SX500 McGrath – 15 MPH

Built for children fourteen years old and up, the Razor SX500 McGrath runs on three 12 volt batteries, giving it a total of 36 volts of power, and claims a top speed of up to 15 miles an hour.

With an all-steel frame, this bike could be lighter, but hopefully, you aren’t buying an electric dirt bike if you’re actually wanting speed.

You accelerate with a twist of the handlebars, making controlling your speed easy and intuitive.

As seems standard with Razor’s electric bikes, you get about 40 minutes of run time before you’re going to need to recharge the batteries.
The maximum weight allowed for this bike is 175 pounds, and the recommended age for using this bike is 14 years old,

Superrio 49cc – 25 MPH

This little bike is a great example of a kid’s gas-powered dirt bike, as opposed to the other electric bikes. With just 49ccs of power, a two-stroke engine, and a top speed of 35 miles an hour, this is a perfect bike to use to teach a younger kid how to ride and maintain a dirt bike.

Featuring a hand pull start (as opposed to an electric start or a kick-start), a recommended rider age of 13 years old and up, and a maximum rider weight of 130 pounds, this bike was definitely meant for the older side of the child spectrum.

This bike, available on Amazon here, has very little assembly required, with you simply needing to use four screws to attach the handlebars before the bike is completely assembled.

Razor MX350 – 12-14 MPH

The electric Razor MX350 is a great bike for tweens and younger teens looking to have their first experience with a dirt bike. With a 24 volt motor and a top speed of up to 12 miles an hour, this is a decent beginners bike for younger kids.

The whole bike overall only weighs about 65 pounds, making it fairly light. The maximum weight capacity for this bike is 140 pounds, making it perfect for its targeted age group. It will give you about 40 minutes of use before it needs recharging, which is about a ten-mile equivalent.

While this bike is probably not going to hold any appeal to anyone who has had personal dirt biking experience, it is a decent beginner bike, and since it’s electric, you don’t have to worry about engine upkeep, which is nice.

Razor MX650 – 17 MPH

This electric Razor MX650 is marketed as an electric bike for older kids of 16 years or older, which confuses me slightly.

It is on the higher end of voltage as far as kid’s bikes go (36 Volt motor), but it does only go 17 miles per hours TOPS, and can only travel about 10 miles per charge, which is about 40 minutes of drive time. It does have a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds, so it certainly can handle older children, and some adults.

Featuring pneumatic tires specifically for off-roading, and a Supercross inspired design, as far as electric bikes go, this one isn’t bad. You’d probably want to keep this bike on trails, tracks, and close to public areas since it isn’t meant for hardcore off-roading, and you wouldn’t want to be too far away from your car if the battery ran out of charge.

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