Where to Buy Dirt Bike Helmets? What Stores Carry Them?

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It’s incredibly important to be responsible and safe while riding a dirt bike by wearing a dirt bike helmet, but knowing where to buy one can be a little bit confusing or overwhelming. Keep on reading to find out what stores sell dirt bike helmets and which one will be best for you!

Amazon.com is the best place to start when you’re in the market for a dirt bike helmet. With a huge selection of dirt bike helmets that vary in their color, size, and style, Amazon.com makes it absolutely easy to find the perfect helmet for you.

Dirt Bike Helmets at Amazon.com

With over 5,000 search results on Amazon.com for “dirt bike helmet”, this website is undoubtedly the #1 place to shop for your new helmet.

Amazon.com has several options to narrow your search for a new dirt bike helmet such as brand, color, size, and even features. No other website or store carries such a wide variety of dirt bike helmets as Amazon.com does, so don’t waste your time starting your search anywhere else!

Not to mention, the awesome delivery service that Amazon.com provides (especially if you shop with Prime) is unbeatable. If you can cut out the extra steps of traveling from store to store or the time hunting through website after website for the right dirt bike helmet, you totally should do it!

Amazon.com offers the most convenience and options as well as the lowest prices on the market. When you’re shopping for a dirt bike helmet, start at Amazon.com!

If you can’t find the perfect dirt bike helmet on Amazon.com, don’t stress. There are plenty of other stores to explore, both online and physical. Keep reading to learn about other shopping options for dirt bike helmets.

Alternative Online Stores for Dirt Bike Helmets

Online stores can be great places to go when you’re in the market for dirt bike helmets because they typically specialize in dirt bike or other motor sport products. Listed below are some of the leading online stores for dirt bike helmets.


Motorsport.com is the first place to go if Amazon.com didn’t have what you need. There are fewer options and higher prices on Motorsport.com than Amazon.com, but their products are still great.

On Motorsport.com, you can narrow your search for a dirt bike helmet by gender, age, brand, color, style, and size. You can also narrow your search by helmet feature, but there are not as many options for features as you’ll find on Amazon.com.

Another cool thing about shopping on Motorsport.com for a dirt bike helmet is that they have great discounts on top name-brand helmets such as O’Neal and Fox, and there are always things going on sale for different deals.

Shopping on Motorsport.com is also a great option because they have free shipping on orders over $79. Since most of the dirt bike helmets are more expensive than that, you’ll basically get free shipping no matter what helmet you buy!


RevZilla.com is another awesome online store to shop at for dirt bike helmets. They have hundreds of high-quality dirt bike helmets for sale.

A great thing about RevZilla.com is that every single product has a product rating section, which helps A LOT when you’re on the fence about which dirt bike helmet is right for you to buy.

RevZilla.com also has a huge price range on the helmets they sell; dirt bike helmets on this website are as cheap as $69, and the most expensive helmet is listed at $800. So there are some great options for shoppers with all different kinds of budgets.


Fortnine.ca is a website based in Canada. They don’t have international shipping, but it’s the absolute best online store to look at for dirt bike helmets for Canadian shoppers.

This website is one of the easiest to navigate that I’ve ever encountered, and it has a great range of prices for dirt bike helmets (the lowest is $71 and the highest is $899).

Fortnine.ca has a huge variety of brands, colors, and sizes for their dirt bike helmets, so it’s super-easy to find a helmet that fits you and your personal style!


Motorcyclegear.com is a good place to shop when you have a semi-tight budget but still want a high-quality, name-brand dirt bike helmet.

Something really cool on this website is that there are a lot of closeout deals, which means that the products are from “last year” and are offered at a discounted price. In other words, you get new products for a great price simply because they’re “out of style.”

Something else that’s awesome about Motorcyclegear.com is that when you shop here, you’re supporting a small family-owned business. (And who doesn’t love to do that?!)


JPcycles.com is an aftermarket website, and its inventory is a little low, but it’s still a good place to check when you’re shopping for a dirt bike helmet and you’re on a budget.

JPcycles is also a physical store with locations in Iowa, Florida, and South Dakota.

Physical Stores for Dirt Bike Helmets

If you’d prefer to go to a physical store to shop for your dirt bike helmet, there are plenty of great stores that you should look into. I definitely recommend going to a physical store if you’ve never shopped for a dirt bike helmet before because the employees can help you learn what helmet will work best for you.


Call me crazy, but Walmart is an awesome place to shop for dirt bike helmets.

They have a huge variety of dirt bike helmets both in-store and online. Prices for dirt bike helmets range between about $20 and more than $1,000, so there are definitely products at Walmart for shoppers with all kinds of budgets. They also have a TON of colors, sizes, and styles available.

If you’re going to shop at Walmart for a dirt bike helmet, I suggest that you look online first to make sure that the store near you has the product you want in stock.


Cabela’s is a good store to shop at for literally any outdoor activity, including dirt biking. Dirt bike helmets are in limited supply at Cabela’s, but it is an option.

Prices for dirt bike helmets range between $55 and $103 at Cabela’s, so it’s definitely a good place to shop if you’re on a budget.

Shopping at Cabela’s is a great option because their employees are very knowledgeable about sporting gear. I’d definitely recommend shopping at Cabela’s for your dirt bike helmet if you’re new to the sport and don’t know exactly what you’re looking for!

Other Stores Near You

When you’re shopping for a dirt bike helmet and you specifically want to shop at physical stores, it’s a good idea to just explore any local sporting goods stores you can get to. Which store you explore as an option will definitely depend on where you are located. If you can find a store that is specifically for motorsports such as dirt biking, you’ll hit the jackpot!

Need a Shopping Guide?

For the ultimate guide to buying a dirt bike helmet, check out this article about everything you need to know before buying your helmet.

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