Love Dirt Bikes? Write for Dirt Bike Planet!

If you love Dirt Bikes and wouldn’t mind a little extra cash to pursue your hobby with, then you might LOVE being a writer for Dirt Bike Planet! If you love this sport and want to become a regular contributor to Dirt Bike Planet, then fill out the form below! is looking to hire a few new excellent blog article writers to add to our team! NO WRITING EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED! We just need people who are passionate about this sport and can create original, well-researched content for our site on an ongoing basis.

You’ll be paid per word and most articles we assign will be 1250 – 2250 words in length, although this can vary a bit. We pay weekly on Wednesdays, and never miss a payment!

Once you apply, if it seems like you might be a good fit, you’ll be asked to:

  • Sign a writer’s agreement.
  • Complete a few fully paid test articles. Yup, you’ll start earning right away!

If you’re picked for an ongoing position, we’d ask that you produce a minimum of 1 article per week. We love our writers who can meet deadlines, perform original research, and write an engaging article they’re proud of! We utilize plagiarism detection tools and plagiarized/spun content will not be accepted.

You’ll be provided with templates that will need to be followed while producing your content. We’ll provide some basic training in the required writing formats and expect well-written articles that are helpful and useful to the reader. You’ll be submitting polished articles that require very little editing.

You don’t need to have tons of dirt biking experience to apply, you just need to be passionate about the sport and love learning more about it! Highly motivated fast-learners are encouraged to apply. The biggest requirement is to just have a desire to write the best well-researched and helpful article you can!

To Apply

Simply fill out the form below, make sure all your information is correct, and don’t forget to attach a writing sample. If you don’t have a writing sample ready, no problem, you can simply write about 1000 words on your favorite dirt biking experience or memory and what you learned from it!

IMPORTANT: Please make sure your name and contact email address are also listed in the writing sample document you attach to your application!