Dirt Bike Security Tips

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Dirt bike security can be achieved with little effort. You don’t have to create a 6 inch thick, armor plated vault to keep your bike safe.

Many people pay little more than a passing thought to motorcycle security because they falsely believe it will cost too much, and require a lot of effort. Deterrence is the name of the game here.

I’m fortunate enough to live at a place that already has an alarmed garage with ground anchors to house my bike in. But, if you aren’t, there are still some simple steps you can take to protect your toys. How much money you are willing to spend on security is your call…

Here is a list of security tips to help you sleep easier at nights:

  • First of all HAVE YOUR BIKE INSURED!
  • Store your bike in a locked and secure garage, or even your house. Preferably somewhere that is alarmed. Storing your bike in an open shed where it can be easily rolled out, really doesn’t deter thieves… duh!
  • Have a chain and lock system set up inside the garage. Use your brains for this one and think like a burglar. It’s pointless chaining your bike to a wooden post in the shed when all someone has to do is chop through it using an axe taken from the woodpile.
  • Use a quality, approved chain and lock and, if required, a ground anchor. These products will have even the most determined thieves ripping their hair out! And of course, if you use these approved locks, it will in most cases bring your insurance premiums down.
  • Write down the engine/chassis number. In some places, if someone is caught with a suspected stolen bike, the police will try to locate the owner, and if you cannot prove the bike is yours the cops must hand it over to the thieves… with a receipt for ownership!

Some other precautions you can take:

  • When you’re at race meets and you are not on your bike, keep it in view at all times. Most places are pretty safe but you never know if/when some slime-ball is waiting for the right opportunity to pounce. It does happen.
  • Try to avoid washing and parading your bike around your front lawn in full view of passer-bys. You may feel cool with your flash toy, but you will feel like a twit when it’s pinched from your property a week later.
  • When selling, be careful about allowing people to test ride it. Make sure they have left their own vehicle with you as security in case they never come back.
  • Unless you have your own track at home, try to avoid starting her up. This only broadcasts the fact you have a bike to your entire neighborhood.
  • As with any type of security… a huge, nasty, criminal-eating mutt will always deter thieves!

Most of these dirt bike security tips are about using your common sense. The less people that know about your toys, the better. Don’t make it easy for these crims to steal your bike.

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